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Old 10-10-2011, 11:17 AM
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Default Poor weather, great fishing

I was out of town last weekend, from Friday through Tuesday, missing some really great fishing tides. Long story short I decided to go fishing on Sunday morning even though the tide was marginal and early.

I thought that I would be able to beat some of the wind because the tide was so early. The high where I was was going to be approx 0745 give or take 10 minutes. Normally I would try and get out 1.5-2 hours ahead of high tide. Because the tide was so late, and it does not even start to get light enough to fish until around 0700 I just got up at my normal time of 0530. I had a cup of coffee, and as I sat on the porch I noted that the wind was blowing a gale. I himmed and hawed about going because the weather was so bad and the wind so high. By 0700 I had decided that I was up, so I might as well go out.

I got to the flat I was planning on fishing about 0730....and there was way more water than predicted....it wass a 7.7-7.8 instead of a 7.5. I immediately changed gears and went to a flat that normally produces on this size tide.

Withing minutes of getting on the flat I saw fish. The first fish snuck up behind me in about 8 inches of water. It was inside of 20ft away and I spooked it with what was a good cast. I think that the fish already knew I was there. I saw another right away and hooked it on a craft shrimp pattern I tie.

Fish 1 at 0743

I saw another fish while I was fighting this fish, but I had lost it in the wind and waves by the time I had this fish landed.

I moved around and saw 2 more fish, and managed to land both of them.

Fish 2 on at 0804 also on craft shrimp pattern

Fish 2 landed

Fish 3 on at 0823

Fish 3 landed

I then headed to another flat a little protected from the wind and broke my craft fly off on the first fish, and then caught one more on a green dupre spoon.

Fish 4 on at 0900

Fish 4 landed.
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