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Old 12-11-2011, 12:50 PM
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Default Repairing a leaky neoprene stocking foot?

Yesterday I finally got a chance to go fishing for the first time in two months and the first step I took into the stream, my left boot started filling with water . I toughed it out as long as I could, but the water was high & fast, the fishing was terribly slow, and it's hard to keep your mind on fishing when just one foot is going numb. When I finally got back to the van and shucked out of my waders, I was surprised to find that the leak was not at the seam where the neoprene foot attaches to the leg of the waders, but the wetness started about an inch lower down.

Now, I've read the threads on finding and repairing pinhole leaks in breathable waders, but they are all about the wader sections themselves. I can possibly find the leak by turning the waders inside out and filling that leg with water, but then what? Would Repellex (sp?) work on neoprene? For what it's worth, it appeared at first inspection to be coming from a spot where the excess neoprene bunched up and formed a crease when I tightened the laces on my boot, and not necessarily from a seam in the neoprene foot itself. Any ideas or suggestions are welcome. Except for this one problem, the waders are still in pretty good shape and I'd hate to have to replace them right now.

Thanks, y'all. SC
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