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Old 04-09-2012, 10:39 PM
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Default Advice/Suggestions Needed

I've got a 9' one man pontoon boat that is equipped with a electric trolling motor. Overall, I'm pleased with the boat, but I've GOT to solve 2 problems.
1st problem - the motor mounts are on the right and left side of the boat behind the seat. Because of my Parkinsons, I'm not very flexible and it is impossible for me too reach back with my right arm/hand to reach the tiller /handle , so I've got to turn to my right and get the handle with my left hand to steer. Essentially , I'm twisted all the way around and that is really hard to do for more than a minute or so , plus I would say that it looks pretty stupid. The solution I see is to get an extension handle with a universal joint ($55). Does anyone know if this would work so that I could steer it comfortably with my right hand or not before I waste the money?
2nd problem - the motor is mounted on the right side behind my seat. It's a constant battle to keep the boat from wanting to turn to the left , so much so that sometimes I just go in a circle and try to come out of it in the desired direction. I look like a drunken sailor!! Some of you may have already seen me zigzagging onthe Holston or Clinch. I was thinking of making a small fiberglass keel and inserting it between the pontoon and metal frame on the left pontoon to help straighten the boat out . Again, your thoughts and sugestions are needed and welcome


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