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Old 11-19-2014, 11:36 AM
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They are really big into the didymo preventionl. We both took our boots with stealth rubber soles and had cleaned them before we left. At customs they we inspected, taken somewhere for cleaning and came back looking new. We fished in boots from the lodge...new Simms with felt soles and aluminum studs. Waders and boots were soaked and cleaned every night by our guide. All our fly lines were that neutral tan color with 12-15 foot leaders...strike indicators were yarn and never had line out over the fish...always approached the fish from directly below which required some serious wading at times...our guide also said these fish can "smell" someone in the water above them for 200 yds or more...hard to believe but there were times when he would not let us into the water if a back eddy was going toward the fish we were casting to...would like to be there in late January for their dry fly season....browns are now feeding on an over abundant mouse population...this happens every 3-4 years there and is supposed to add a couple of pounds to the fish when it happens.
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Old 11-24-2014, 01:22 PM
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Wow - Rog! Now I'm even more excited. Great advice. I'm going to start practicing with those long leaders to get ready. Maybe I'll get some time on the Clinch between now and then - the long leaders might be great there anyway. I've heard the same about the fish "smelling" you upstream - especially if you've got any kind of bug repellent applied. I'm going to get my hands on a few mouse patterns as well. BTW - did you have any problems traveling with loaded up fly boxes?
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