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Old 06-06-2008, 08:16 AM
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Default Thunderhead Prong

I've always been curious as to the metal bridge over Thunderhead Prong. It's the one that's about 150 or so yards up the trail.

When was it built, who built it and why is it there? Just curious about the history up there.

Any ideas?

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Old 06-06-2008, 10:13 AM
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These metal foot bridges were put in to replace the old tressles or traffic bridges of wooden structures....I can remember crossing LR at the fork of Fish Camp Prong on an old wooden bridge that was out of use to anything but foot traffic....bridge was later washed away and for years you had to wade to get across to the FC trail....several times almost got caught on the wrong side of the river after heavy rains....a lot easier now that the metal foot bridge is up....
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Old 06-06-2008, 04:40 PM
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Rog1,I remember seeing the huge beams for that bridge laying on the ground in April of 96.I felt as if an era was ending if that makes any sense.The cold wade across Little River sure was a good filter.
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