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Old 06-22-2008, 06:27 PM
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Default Maiden voyage trip

I recently bought a used toon from a friend and was finally able to take it out yesterday. I have been wanting to float a tributary of a local river that flows through private property. I got to the put in about 1pm and found the river lower than expected and even though this toon will draft in about 3" of water, I had to drag through several areas as I floated downstream.

Caught several little Smallmouth along the way. The river was so low , it was hard to find any water deep enough to support the bigger fish. average smallie from the trib. taken on a black stealth bomber.

Caught lots of redeyes and one especially colorful gill but no more smallmouth in the trib.

I decided to spend some time trying to hook into the abundant carp, rehorse and gar. hooked one gar, but it quickly came off. next time I'll bring the rope flies. This red horse was between 20"-30" and finally took a size 8 carp tease. Several long runs and leaps into the air, was able to grab him up by the tail and snap a couple of shots. This is my photo entry for June fish of the month
I worked hard for this fish!

Now onto the main river, and after pushing though some areas with wading fishermen and families, I came to one of my favorite holes. I anchored and started wading and casting. after a few minutes, I decided to change fly color and put on my green stealth bomber. First cast to the bubble line and hooked into a nice smallmouth. I quickly realized I would need the net at the boat and slowly back stepped upstream to retrieve it and keep control of the bass. After netting, a quick measurement, and a couple of quick picts, I released the 18" gal back to the stream.

Paula, this is the little glass 5wt rod and martin click pawl reel you cast at Troutfest. It is my favorite, and has landed lots of big smallies this year.

It was getting late afternoon and I needed to push through to the takeout about a mile downriver before dark, so this ended my maiden voyage on the toon and the first fish on my new favorite flies. The green and black stealth bombers. Ted at LRO, If you are reading this, heres the picts of the flies.

GT's black SB and GT's green SB wish I had invented this fly, it will always have a place in my flybox.

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Old 06-22-2008, 10:14 PM
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Thanks for sharing! I took the kayak back out tonight and did ok. Rerouted the anchor and did much better. I've got to work on some new tactics. A chartruse popper cast into shady shoreline works well, but its time to try some new things.
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Old 06-23-2008, 01:01 PM
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Nice report Gary. Enjoyed your pics and what a nice Bronzeback. Was the carp on the 5 wt also? That's impressive, I tried to go late Sat. and I'd been on the water 10 minutes and lightning struck so close that the thunder rattled the gunwhales of the boat! Back to shore I went thanking the good Lord for giving me a warning shot!!
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