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Old 07-10-2008, 02:12 AM
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Originally Posted by white95v6 View Post
man those are some nice Fish.

glad to see the Caney is fishing soo well. i will be makeing a two day float this weekend.
It seemed like nightcrawlers were the ticket this trip. I think we were doing something wrong with the fly fishing because I would do an excellent cast down, and see fish all over the place under my fly but none would bat a fin at it.

Originally Posted by heyski View Post
Congrats on the first trout on a fly rod. Great pictures and nice fish.
Thanks. I can't wait to catch more on the fly, it was a blast. I was so relieved when I hauled in my 19" brown, here's why:

I saw him at first, tossed in an unweighted nightcrawler and as soon as the worm hit the water and sunk a little he swam up to it, and chomped on it. I waited a few seconds for him to get it swallowed, and pulled the rod up and the hook came out of the worm. No biggie, I tied another worm on and he took it immediately once more. I waited longer this time, and tried to set the hook but this time, the hook stayed in the worm and the line broke at the knot. I was so pissed off because I knew I had just messed up my chances at catching him. I kept my eye on him as I tied another hook and worm on, making sure it was perfect, and he actually went back for thirds. I FINALLY got him, and when I brought him in to take out the hook, I grabbed the line to see where it was, and it was on the soft spot of his jaw and ripped out with ease. I was sweating in all the effort, I think it was well earned.
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Old 07-10-2008, 07:49 AM
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Congrates on your first trout on a fly! Sounds like yall had a heck of a day on the Caney. And I also must warn you if you not careful you will become a fly fishing addict .
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<>< John Zimmerman
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