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Old 11-02-2008, 09:21 AM
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Yes, We hit the trail from the parking area about 1:30pm and hiked for 2 hours before we started fishing. We were almost to the old BC site and the confluence with Starkey creek. THe water was extremely low and the pools were full of leaves. I slipped on a loose rock and my leg and ankle slipped down into a cravase while I fell backwards onto a boulder. I was lucky to not have broken my ankle. Still a little sore today. We decided to head back down the trail and we hit a few pools below the Thunderhead confluence but we had no luck on dry flies even though there was a lot of small mayflies flying around. We fished down on the lower section of LR for a few minutes but only caught a few tree limbs and leaves! Lets hope we have a wet winter to bring the streams back up to better levels.
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Old 11-02-2008, 11:25 PM
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Sorry, if I had seen your post before we went up, I would have definitely introduced myself. Apologies.

Wow, two hours. Y'all went way up there. It seemed like, after the switchback (which I think we properly identified but not sure), some kind of trail continued up that dry creekbed? Was that the case, or did you have to hop up those boulders the whole way? Does it ever clear out up the creek a ways, or are those monster boulders on the creek the whole way up?

Yeah, when I saw the little flies around, I thought we things might begin to happen, but it didn't work out. I agree; hopefully, we will have a wet winter.

Glad to hear you weren't hurt seriously!
David Ayliffe

Soli Deo gloria
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Old 11-03-2008, 12:17 AM
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Sorry you guys had rotten luck. If we caught fish all the time it wouldn't be called fishing it would be called catching Sam's is a beautiful walk though!!
Attempt Great Things For Christ,
Expect Great Things from Christ!

Steve Gillespie,
The Gypsy
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