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Old 10-26-2009, 08:19 PM
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Default thanks to daniel and short trip to tremont

first off wanted to thank daniel at little rive outfitters for his help with the new rod today it works great....so after spending over an hour at little riveroutfitters today and buying a new rod we headed up to tremont for a quick couple hours of fishing ......2nd cast to a shallow pool brought a small rainbow to hand.....further up stream yeilded a creek chub..... went back down towards the paved part of the road found a nice fishy looking area that i could fish..... had to pass by it on the way up as several photoghaphy people were there....had several rises but missed them all 3 seperate fish in one pool.... went upstream a bit flipped the orange stimulator out an whack my biggest park fish since fishing there a 9and a half inch rainbow .... it was great to land such a good size fish in the park it was a very healthy fish solid body and nice colors.... the new rod was offically broke-in in a most satisfying manner.... thaxs again daniel for your help on rod choice....
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