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Old 08-07-2011, 02:43 PM
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Default Report: NC Side 8-6

Got back to fishing the NC side of the park after bothering the TN fish for a couple of weekends. Hit one of my favorite streams in the park right around noon. The weather was cooler and the clouds and cover seemed to be keeping the stream a little cooler also, which was nice.

Got into a couple of rainbows (two of which I'm almost positive were the same **** fish) at a large pool near the bottom. The water was a little low and very, very clear, so I had 6X on and about 9' of leader/tippet that i built with 4X on top. Had a good size brown come up and take the fly and I had him for a few head shakes and he was gone. Two weeks in a row missing some big fish is grating on the old nerves a little.

The fishing was on in the early morning, then shut off for a little. Moved to the middle of the stream and started using #14 Tan/Cinnamon Caddis and this started picking up the fish. They were holding mostly in the choppy waters, maybe cooler and more oxygen? Picked 3 nice browns out of one run and then finished around noon with another nice brown. A storm was moving in and it was starting to get warmer so I didn't want to pressure the fish in any real warmth, so I cut it short. Got around a dozen fish overall. Really nice day in the park and the fishing was a little bit better than the average August day.

Full post with some more pics: http://bit.ly/r3P2Aa

A couple of pics (hopefully - first try):

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