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Old 11-18-2011, 09:44 AM
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Talking Off topic - A Big Thanks to LRO for saving my day

On Wednesday I knew my original plan of fishing the SoHo was shot, but with al this rain it was time to paddle. The water was rising straight up, but was still well before "the bubble"and was at a good level (2.8 when I got there 3.2 when I left Little Rv gauge). Stopped off at LRO, made an exchange, got some Frog's Fanny, and sent my Left Fork casualty rod off to be fixed. Daniel was super helpful as usual, and even said he would get my rod out that day for me. Met up with James Cornett my 67 year old kayaking buddy at the Wye where we accessed the water situation and made the decision to do Tremont (middle Prong of the Little). We scouted for downed trees on the way up and found 2 spots we would have to portage around. Got to the top and blew up my boat, but then came to the realization that I didn't bring my paddle. Cornett was determined to go and wondered if he gave me half his paddle if we could both canoe blade it down. Considering the water was rising, Tremont is a fast run to begin with, I knew that wasn't going to work. I then remembered all those tubing companies, which some rent these kayak things, so off we went. All we found were 3 closed operations with no one around. Then I remembered Byron talking about his fishing kayaks in one of his fishing reports, and wondered that they might have a paddle in the shop. After an inquirery to Daniel he sent me upstairs to Paula, who was as sweet as always, and gave me the pick of 4 different paddles. I chose hers since it was the shortest (230 cm) which was still much longer than the 215 cm I usually use. It was also a touring and not a whitewater blade, but beggars can't be choosers, and LRO had just saved my day. Off to the river we put on as the hardest rain I ever paddled through. Trying to see your way down and navigate was tough, but didn't have any mishaps. Since Paula's blade looked brand new (I'm guessing along with being married to Byron she's married to the shop and doesn't get out enough) I was trying to keep from scraching it up on the rocks, which was a challenge since the water looked like chocolate milk and camoflouged the rocks. Had a great run, and the rain even stopped just as we finished which made it easier to change. I dropped the paddle off to Daniel on the way home, and thanked him again. Sure is nice when others help you out. I always receive GREAT service at the shop, but this was above and beyond, and I just wanted everyone to know that they saved my day (or at least an hour and a half)
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Old 11-18-2011, 10:07 AM
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This is exactly why we should remember to purchase from small businesses when we have a choice. You do not get this kind of service from the big box stores. I just wish I lived closer to the shop.
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Old 11-18-2011, 11:28 AM
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Excellent post DP and LRO has saved me like that a few times when I have lost fishing gear. I wonder though if Paula wasn't just trying to get rid of you forever by sending you out in that mess with a fresh paddle though... of course I am kidding.
Adam Beal


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Old 11-18-2011, 11:49 AM
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Originally Posted by MadisonBoats View Post
This is exactly why we should remember to purchase from small businesses when we have a choice. You do not get this kind of service from the big box stores. I just wish I lived closer to the shop.

Your words exactly. To support the small businesses is always a goal of my family. Usually their prices are competitive in the local market, and the service is excellent, and they will take the extra steps to keep you as a customer, because that is important to them. There are several big box stores that I refuse to go into, because you can never find a sales person, they're crowded, and service is non-existant.

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