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Old 07-25-2012, 09:53 PM
turk870 turk870 is offline
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Default first weekend of july bear encounter in the backcountry

the thread about the bear spray reminded me i hadnt posted the video of the bear encounter we had at camp that my wife made,it is some what edited but just so you know it needs a language warning.

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Old 07-26-2012, 08:24 AM
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Nice stuff!

I see the first one walked right back in the rhodo where my buddy Trey was.

I doubt it would happen, but I would collect a pile of good baseball sized rocks and start throwing. Anything you can do to discourage that bear from feeding, and to scare it from human areas, would most likely serve to save the bears life. I have a feeling that Bear is well on its way to being relocated, or even worse put down.

I found a shell casing at the site while we were cleaning up. It looks different from most shell casings, but definately had a primer. I guess it's from one of the dart guns. I will post a pic later
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Old 07-26-2012, 08:31 AM
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Cool video. It looks like the first time he came into the site to carried something from the firepit out in his mouth. Any idea what that was? Then he came back and started digging around for more.

This why you don't leave food in the firepits. I have come to sites more than once when someone had left half eaten food in the firepit which didn't burn up or even come close.
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Old 07-26-2012, 09:05 AM
narcodog narcodog is offline
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Funny, funny, funny...
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Old 07-26-2012, 05:50 PM
turk870 turk870 is offline
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not sure what he got,i do know that the people in that camp cooked fish the night before dont know if mabe they left the remains in the pit instead of pulling them up with the food..i do know they had put some bottels of sprite in the river under water to cool while they fished and a bear got them during the day while we were all gone fishing..we keep all our food and trash up on the wire didnt want to be the cause or the start of a bad bear..one of the funniest parts of the movie she edited out the second time the bear left she ran it off she started roaring at it...
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Old 07-27-2012, 12:26 AM
hauntedbywaters hauntedbywaters is offline
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What a travesty. No wonder these animals sometimes must be killed -- people leaving their food and dishes all over the place and then sitting passively while a bear rummages through the surrounding site. Is anyone really surprised they're losing fear of humans?

Not only are you endangering the life of the animal, but the life of others who camp after you.
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