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Old 07-04-2006, 02:08 PM
FlaBoy FlaBoy is offline
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Default Please give advice

After many visits to the Great Smokie Mnts,I finally got the opp. to fish. I brought my family for vaction the week of june 13 -19. Got to fish two morn from about 7-1. Went to Tremont& Laurel Ck. I think. This was the first time Ifly-fished in about 25 yr.s. So I am a true novice. I caught 10-12 rainbows. This was great to me.Iam comming back the 14-17 . I will be by myself so I can fish from daylight to dark on 15&16. I have read alot about the shoe on Abrams creek.It says it is an all day trip.I think I fish faster than most,because I ussally find the best spots when I am standing in them!! Also because of my vast exp. I can only roll cast in the faster waters without spooking fish.Is this really an all day trip? Is it a good choice for this time of year? I like to fish up stream,so how can I tell where to enter the stream? My next choice is to follow west prong trail tothe west prong oflittle river and fish up. How long will this take? Is it agood choice? Please give me somme advice on these options and any others you have.
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Old 07-04-2006, 05:56 PM
Tsani Tsani is offline
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Default Re: Please give advice

FlaBoy, I just returned from the Townsend area 7-4-06, and I fished Tremont, Elkmont and Abrams creeks. The water is really low in all areas. I say I fished Abrams, actually i just walked up the side of the stream. There is very little water in the creeks! You may have to go way up above 2, 500 feet in order to get into any cool water. I hope this helps you with your decision as to where to fish. BTW Little River Outfitters will be a great place to stop and get any updated information.
Tsani<br />
We do not stop playing because we are old; We grow old because we stop playing!
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