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Old 12-02-2006, 06:36 AM
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Default Thanks!

Thanks for the warm welcome. I'm in the northern part of the state right now. Its kind of an amalgamation of east Tennessee and s. Louisiana. Slightly hilly, a little cooler, but I still have access to the food. I grew up cooking cause of my father. So even though I was in Tennessee for so long I could still cook the staples, jambalaya, etoufee', gumbo, etc. But I've caught (pick up on the pun?) onto the barbeque bug several years ago- I'm talkin' the 8 to 9 hour slow cooked brisket kind of bbq, I have 4 different pits and grills. Redfish on the half shell is pretty popular down here.

South Louisiana native, University of Tennessee grad...<br /><br />Allons Du Volunteers! (Lets Geaux Vols!)
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