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Old 04-11-2007, 01:11 AM
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Default Cute as a bug!

Got bored and have been wanting to snag some bass for a while now! Took the wife and monster out with me to Georges Creek just off Topside Road. Managed to snag up a few Sunfish and one Itty bitty Large mouth. Looking for some good waters that need tamed for some good small mouth action! Any suggestions? I've have seen some nice smallies come out of Rockford where the little river flows out of the smokies.....

Any how heres a few pics! Sulpher's hatching and the fish were going absolutely crazy! Had the wrong leader and tippet on and couldn't use dries. I looked down and caught this guy who was willing to say cheese!
Good day, and good memories that's what it's all about..

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Old 04-11-2007, 09:24 AM
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Default WW flyfishing

I used to live over that way and fished around the cove alot after work. (Single and no kids then) The cove gets alot of BIG carp when the Willow Flies are hatching and its a good place to sightfish them.
Try throwing buggers for them when you see them rooting in the mud. I've done it from the ramp.
Go down to Friendsville to the boat launch and little campground ( can't remember the name of it) and
fish around the floating dock at the ramp. I used to sometimes eat lunch there and get in a few minutes of casting. If the wind is blowing in, the shad bait balls will get close enough to cast a small streamer around and the white bass and small largemouths will usually be actively chasing the minnows out of the water. Lots of fun! I got a few laughs and snears from the Bass fishermen in the $40K boats until I hooked a 4 pd Largemouth in front of them on a flyrod fishing from the bank!
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