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Old 07-22-2007, 05:01 PM
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Default Dropper knot?

I'm looking for a good way to put weight on a nymph rig using a short dropper. With a 7-1/2', 3X tapered leader I tie on a 12" piece of 4X tippet for the fly and put the weight at the knot. Using Toobies for the first time I want to put them on their own dropper (~1") of 4X at the knot, so that they break away without doing any damage to anything else. I've found three possibilities for the dropper knot: 1) an un-named knot with three turns around the leader and the tag back through the first turn -- too hard for me to tie; 2) clinch knot to the leader and slide down to the tippet knot -- works but tightening the clinch above the tippet knot leaves an ugly crimp in the leader after sliding the dropper down; 3) loop the dropper and tighten it around the leader by passing it through itself, then sliding it to the tippet knot -- may loosen enough in use to slip down past the knot (haven't tried this one yet).

Any other ideas? Thanks for any suggestions!

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