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This fly was shown to me by Captain Drew Delashmit, a guide and friend who lives near Key West, Florida. In the Keys they have another name for the fly that is not appropriate to mention here. I re-named it the Bleeding Baitfish. The fly is used for Tarpon as well as other gamefish in saltwater but some of my friends use it for trout and warmwater species. I started using this fly throughout the Florida Panhandle and Big Bend area and have had exceptional results catching Speckled Trout and other gamefish. We have this fly tied overseas because it is not available from companies who sell flies to dealers. This fly should also be used in lakes and rivers for bass, stripers and trout. The fly is easy and fast to tie.

Materials: Hook - Gamakatsu SC15 2/0, Thread - Danville 210 white, Polar Fiber or Craft Fur in white and a darker color, Pearl or another color of Krystal Flash, Estaz Grand in Red (Other materials under different names are basically the same). Flexicord Light 1/4" pearl, Prismatic Marker - Olive or color to match top of tail, Stick On Eyes 1/4" silver, 5-minute epoxy, Flex Coat Rod Wrap Finish. You will need a turner if you select this finish. This finish is optional but it protects the coloring and eyes. You can use larger or smaller hooks, smaller Flexi Cord Light and different colors of Polar Fiber or Prismatic Markers.

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Start your thread near the eye of the hook and wrap back to the bend. Select a clump of Polar Fiber for the tail in a color that is suitable for the color of the belly. Remove the short underfur and tie in at the bend.

Photo Step 2
Tie in a few strands of Krystal Flash. I either match the color that I'm using for the top of the fly or just use pearl. Tie in some more Polar Fiber or other craft fur that will be the color of the top of the fly. Again remove the underfur before tying in.
Photo Step 3
Tie in some red Estaz or similar material at the same point you tied in the Polar Fiber or craft fur.
Photo Step 4
Make about two turns of the Estaz then tie off.
Photo Step 5
Cut a two inch piece of Flexi Cord Light and push it on the hook. Make several hard wraps of thread to secure the Flexi Cord. Whip finish and cut off your thread.
Photo Step 6
Push the Flexi Cord Light back over itself.
Photo Step 7
Holding the Flexi Cord and the end of your thread with your left hand make several tight wraps around the front portion of the Flexi Cord. Trim the excess and whip finish.
Photo Step 8
Using a Prismatic Marker color the top of the head to match the top of the tail. With 5-minute epoxy, glue the eyes on the head. It helps to fold the eyes in their center so they will conform with the shape of the head. You may put a coat of 30-minute rod wrap finish over the head to protect the Prismatic color and help keep the eyes in place. You will need to use a jig turner if you use the 30-minute epoxy coating. This step is optional.
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