Chernobyl Mini
Finally a commercial fly company started tying these. Most local anglers have learned that this fly produces well during the summer for brown trout. Make a good cast toward the bank around structure in your favorite freestone stream and you might score a big one. They work great for bass and bluegill too. This new pattern is available in sizes #12 and #14.
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Neversink Caddis
Daniel started buying these from Holly Flies in Pennsylvania two years ago. They became an immediate hit, in fact they are now one of our best selling flies for the Smokies. This is a caddis pattern but the trout think they are yellow stoneflies. Who are we to argue? They float extremely well and are durable. Learn More
Tungstone Flashback Golden
Here is a new pattern that will dredge through those deep runs and look like a stonefly that has been dislodged from beneath a rock and vulnerable to a hungry trout. Available in sizes #12 through #16. Learn More
Bleeding Baitfish
This fly started out as a tarpon fly for laid up fish in the Florida Keys. But it turned out to be an excellent pattern for most saltwater gamefish. Then anglers started using them in freshwater for stripers and even trout. This is a pattern that is easy to tie and the instructions are available to you in this month's addition of the Journal. Learn More
Tungsten Zebra Midge Two Tone Black/Red
Here is something we bet a tailwater trout has not seen yet. We haven't either until now. They look good though. Available in sizes #18 - #20.
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Parachute Adams
This is one of our three best sellers here in the shop since we opened 15 years ago. It looks like so many mayflies that you see on the water in the Smokies. It rides low in the surface film and it is easy to see. It can't ride on it's side. Available in a large range of sizes to mimic anything from a Quill Gordon down to a Blue Wing Olive.
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Covert Mission Bass Fly
It is similar to the Stealth Bomber. It is the closest fly on the market today to the SB. Bass and large bluegill love these flies. You can pop them on the surface making noise and moving water. That drives bass crazy. Or you can strip them and they wiggle just under the surface pushing water as it moves. Size is #4.
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Fertile Caddis Green
Here is a good adult caddis imitation. It is tied sparce for clear water. This is new but we think it will be a winner on some tailwaters such as the Holston. They are small, sizes #18 and #20. More Info
Tungsten Hydropsyche Czech Nymph
Here's a new Czech Nymph that will go deep for tightline fishing or using an indicator. Available in size #16. See Online
The Copper John Red
At one time the Copper John was one of the best selling flies in the United States. It was new, anglers liked it and trout still do. In the Smokies the red version works very well. It is one fly you should always have in your box. It gets down deep and looks like a mayfly.
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Bead Head Zebra Midge Black/Silver
This is a super fly for tailwater trout. Sizes available are #18 through #22.
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Green Weenie
We had to feature this fly in our first issue. This is another of our best sellers. They work extremely well in all streams including tailwaters. Designed to resemble a sourwood worm or inch worm which is a favorite food for trout. But part of the success can be attributed to the action caused by the circle tail and the color which is easy to see in the water. This fly has saved the day for many anglers.
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