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Daniel and I first saw one of these new reels from Sage in September.  For both of us it was love at the first turn of the crank.  I couldn’t believe how light they were.  And the bronze color is perfect, it matches several manufacturers rods including those made by Sage.

Obviously it was made to be attached to a lightweight rod.  Fly rod companies are building their newest models very light.  Those companies have to come out with new improvements every year.  It’s the way the tackle market works.  Come out with new gear and you will be successful.  Stop making changes and customers will drift away.  Sage has never been a company to sit back and reap the benefits of their past designs.  They are always on the move, constantly improving, bringing something new to the market.  It is called innovation.

The Click Reel is one of those innovations.  As I said before it is made to balance light rods. The drag is nothing more than an adjustable clicker that falls into each indentation on the spool.  But the sound going out and coming in is perfect.  It’s not too loud and not too soft.  The tone is just right.

No porting is left out.  The Click Reel is machined from bar stock aluminum then the process of cutting away unwanted weight begins. And as you can see from the photos at the left this piece of machinery is “portaged”. 

The finish is a non-glare bronze.  And this reel is finished well, very well. 

I don’t usually get excited about new reels.  I kind of like my old Abels and Tibors.  I have a whole size range of Orvis CFO’s I bought in the early 80’s.  I guess I feel like I have enough reels.  But this one is different.  It looks, feels and sounds different.  I want one.

Daniel gave me one to photograph a week ago.  It sat on the table in our photography studio for days.  Every time I walked by I picked it up and turned the handle to hear it chirp.  Finally, yesterday I turned on the flash units, switched to a different lens and took about 20 photos (to the left) of this wonderful piece of gear.  Loaded on my computer I blew up the photos to five times the actual size.  The more I looked the more I liked what I saw.

The Click Reel comes in three sizes.  They are made for line sizes 000 to #4.  They will find homes even though they are not a low priced reel.  I believe anglers will react just like Daniel and I did.

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