Al's Hopper
Named for the tyer and designer Al Rogers of North Carolina. Al has been tying flies for us for 15 years. This hopper has been used all over the country. Cutomers take them to Yellowstone, use them here and that work well for trout, bass and panfish. The bullet head design and yellow foam allow them to float extremely well and they push a lot of water. Excellent fly. They are available in sizes #10 and #12.
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Wired Stonefly - Golden
This is a new great looking stonefly pattern. The pattern was designed by Brad Befus. This fly should be in your box if you are fishing where golden stoneflies live. Of course, the Smokies streams have plenty of golden stones. Available in size #10. Learn More
Orange Palmer
Orange and Yellow Palmers catch trout in the Smokies and about everywhere else you can fish for trout. Anglers use both colors in Spring through Fall. The yellow version seems to work better during the Summer and orange in is great in the Fall. Available in sizes #12, #14, and #16. Learn More
Clouser Crayfish - Tan Turkey
Bob Clouser has been tying Crayfish Patterns for a long time. I bought my first Clouser Crayfish in the early 1980's. They are deadly on Smallmouth Bass but work well for Trout, Rock Bass and other panfish species. Available in sizes #8 and #10. We have this fly in a darker brown too.
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Adams Variant
This pattern has been around for years. It was born in North Carolina and designed to catch trout in the Smokies. The yellow body is usually a notable characteristic of a Smokies fly. This one works great. Available in size #14.
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Cluster Midge
If one midge isn't enough try two. This fly imitates two midges. Or even better drop another one off the first and you have 4 midges. This fly is new and we are not sure yet but we think this will work great on tailwaters and freestone streams. Maybe spring creeks too. Availabe in size #18.
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Yellow Humpy
The Yellow Humpy is an excellent Smokies pattern. They float well, they are easy to see and they are yellow. Those three qualities make a good Smokies fly. They also work just about anywhere you find trout.
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Little Yellow Stone Female
Small yellow stoneflies work in the Smokies for months out of the year. We sell a lot of Yellow Sally patterns because our customers who fish in the Smokies require some kind of yellow stone. We like this one because it floats well and it is a little different from other Yellow Sally patterns. Some of the others work well too. More Info
Deep Six Caddis Pupa
This one works well on our tailwaters. It drops down deep due to the bead head and wire wrapped body. It is also available in additional colors. Available in sizes 14, 16 and 18. See Online
Sulphur Parachute
Sometimes a parachute fly works better than any other pattern. That is also true of the sulphur imitation. This fly rides in the surface film, it is easy to see and it always lands on the water right side up. Use it anywhere you find sulphur mayflies including the Smoky Mountains.
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Bead Head Zebra Midge Black/Copper
Everyone who fishes tailwaters and spring creeks knows this fly is a fish catcher. We have them in several color combinations. They work!
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Like the Zebra Midge the Brassie has been in use on our tailwater fisheries for years and they do catch trout. Available in sizes #16 through #20.
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