Byron with Bass

Here are some baitfish patterns I've been tying to get ready for Fall Smallmouth fishing.


Fly tied with Palmer Hackle 

This fly is tied using Shad Gray Marabou for a tail and Shad Palmer Chenille for the body. All you do is tie in the tail and the Palmer Chenille. Wrap your thread to the hook eye. Wrap the chenille forward and pull the fibers back as you wrap. Tie off and whip finish. I pulled the fibers back after tying off and applied some 5 minute expoxy on the wraps and back just past where I would place the eye holding the chenile fibers tight with my left hand. While the epoxy is still sticky I placed the eyes on the body then added another coat of epoxy to cover the eyes. Then I trimmed the body being careful not to cut the tail off. You can pull the marabou out of the way with one hand and cut the body shape with the other.

Another Palmer Chenille Fly 

This is a similar fly to the one above but I used white marabou and colored the top with a Cool Gray Prismacolor Marker. The diving lip was made using 44 pound Fluorocarbon tippet material. Form a loop, squeeze on some Clear Cure Goo and keep turning the fly until the void is filled. Then, turn on the UV light and the Goo hardens. I don't know if this will swim straight or not. Hope to find out tomorrow.


White Palmer Chenille Fly 


This is the same fly tied using white marabou.



Palmer Chenille Fly with a Long Lip 


Here is another one with a long lip. These first 4 flies were tied on a #2 Gamakatsu Stinger Hook, B10.



Puglisi Threadfin Shad. 

This is a threadfin shad tied with white Enrico Puglisi EP fibers and colored with markers. I have caught trout, bass, bluegill and carp on them. This is a #2. This is a killer fly.

Small Puglisi Shad 


This is a tiny Threadfin Shad. I tie them 1" to 1.5" long on a #4 Tiemco egg hook.


Puglisi Shad with Marabou Tail 


I just started tying these. It was Jack Gregory's idea. He mentioned a Puglisi Shad with a marabou tail to give it more action. This is what I came up with. Not yet tried though.  


Threadfin Shad with a Lip 


This is the same thing with a lip. It is tied on a #2 Gamakatsu Stinger Hook.


Fly Tied with Pearl Chenille 

I don't know what this is. I was playing around one day and tied it. I probably saw this somewhere. It is easy and fast to tie. I used pearl colored Pearl Chenille for the body and marabou for the tail. You have to cut a hole using scissors for the eye. Cut the fibers away, don't cut through the chenille. Then, glue it in with 5 minute epoxy. Tied on a #2 stinger hook. Oh, before I put the eyes on I colored the back with a cool gray marker.

Small Pearl Chenille Fly  Here's a smaller one tied on a #4 stinger hook.