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Fly Fishing - Getting Started on a Budget

We hear the question often and have for years.  How much does it cost to get into fly fishing? Well, that depends.  There is some very expensive fly fishing tackle out there. 

But, if you are starting out and you may not even know if the sport is for you, I’m going to tell you here what to buy on a lower budget.  Everything on this page are items I would be happy to go fishing with.  

Temple Fork Professional Fly Rod (Click here to see in our Catalog.)

Paula and I have several of these.  We have 2 - 9 weights, a 7 weight, 6 weight and a 5 weight.  They cast great.  They are all 4 piece and most of the lighter weight rods sell for $149.95. They come with a rod sock but not a tube.  I like to have one large tube that holds several rods so I would not buy the extra tube that sells for $19.95.  You probably would want to buy the tube.  Temple Fork is located in Dallas, Texas and the company is owned by Rick Pope who is a good friend of ours.  The rods are actually made in Korea.  Lefty Kreh does a lot of the design work on the rods and his name appears on each one.  I know Lefty well.  Lefty doesn’t like things that cost a lot of money.  He’ll tell you there is not a better fly rod for the money than the TFO Professional.  You will meet him at Troutfest.  Just ask him.  TFO Professional Rods are guaranteed against breakage for the life of the original owner.  If you break one there is a small charge for shipping and handling to and from the Company. 



The Orvis Battenkill Disc Reel (Click here to see in the Catalog.)

This reel has been made by Orvis for years and they claim to have sold tens of thousands of them.  I wouldn’t doubt it a bit.  These reels are cast aluminum.  That keeps the price down.  Reels that are machined from bar stock aluminum cost more.  They are worth the extra money.  But if you are determined to save money this reel will give you excellent service for a long time. They are very smooth though a little heavy.  The smallest reel sells for $79, the medium size is $89 and the larger one sells for $98.  Great reel for the money.



Scientific Anglers Lefty Kreh Signature Fly Line (Click here to see in Catalog.)

This one surprised me.  I bought one last year for a bluegill and bass outfit because at the time we were out of the line I wanted.  It was my plan to replace it later.  I really liked the way it cast and the color is one I would choose for any species.  I was using it in the same boat with other outfits lined up with more expensive lines.  I was impressed.  This line sells for $39.95 and it is available in sizes #4 through #8. I won’t be replacing this line.


Orvis Endura III Wader (Click Here to see in our Online Catalog.)

This is our best selling wader.  They are breathable and improved this year.  There is a men’s version and a women’s version.  The upper is a 3 layer material and the lower is a stronger 5 layer construction.  The seams on the legs are in the back where they should be so they don’t rub against each other and wear out faster.  The Endura can be easily converted to a waist high wader for shallow water or fishing from a drift boat.  They don’t come with gravel guards built in.  They are extra.  This wader sells for $149.  Great value in a breathable wader.   I would buy a heavier duty wader if I fished a lot.  But these will get you started and we have customers who have owned a pair for years. 

Men's Endura Size Chart
Women's Endura Size Chart

Chota Abrams Creek Wading Boot (Click here to see more.)

We sell a lot of these.  They are light and comfortable.  The Abrams Creek is a felt soled boot made with a synthetic upper.  They look good and they perform well.  Again, I would buy a heavier duty boot like Chota’s STL if you are going to fish a lot.  But for the money it is hard to beat this one.  They are available in men’s sizes 5 through 14.  Chota is located in Knoxville, Tennessee.  Again the owner, Frank Bryant is a good friend of ours and we sell a lot of his gear.  He will be at Troutfest so go by his booth and meet him.  The Abrams Creek sells for $59.95.

Orvis Clearwater Vest (Just click here.)

Here is a great $49 vest.  It has a total of 12 pockets including a cargo pocket in the back for extra gear, a rain jacket or lunch.  Two of the pockets are secured with zippers and other are held closed with Velcro.  This vest is also available in XS which make a great vest for the young beginning fly fisher.  You can choose between olive or khaki colors.  Orvis also makes a mesh version of the Clearwater for hot weather. 


William Joseph Tech Rain Jacket (Click Here)

This breathable and packable wading jacket sells for $89.  It is just what you need tucked away in your vest for those unexpected rain showers in the Smokies.  But, I would wear one of these every day.  The zippers are water resistant.  It even comes with a stuff sack.  This great jacket is all you need for all but the worst conditions.  We highly recommend the Willy J Rain Jacket. 

Well, we’re at $616 right now.  Maybe you have a jacket.  That brings us down to $527.  You will need some backing.  We’ll throw that in if you buy the reel and line and we’ll rig it for you for free.  You will need some flies, leaders & tippet, a couple of tools and a fly box.  You have to own a valid fishing license. You will also need some polarized sun glasses.  I don’t think I have left anything out that you must have.  A two day school at Little River Outfitters costs $230.  That will help you a lot.  If you are ready to break into the sport you can order all of this gear online or come by the shop.  We’ll want to talk to you about the choice of line, rod and reel sizes and make sure you get a balanced outfit.  You should also decide if you want to reel right handed or left handed so we can rig your reel correctly.  We don’t charge for ground shipping and if you live outside Tennessee we don’t charge for sales tax on mail orders.  We make getting into fly fishing easy and inexpensive with good quality equipment.


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