Tying the Clouser Minnow by Byron Begley

The Clouser Minnow was designed and developed by my friend Bob Clouser. Bob owns a fly shop near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania where he also guides fly fishing clients for smallmouth bass. I would call the Clouser Minnow a guide fly because it is so easy and fast to tie, it's perfect for a guide to make available to clients. This baitfish immitation has become one of the most popular flies ever for salt and freshwater species. Everyone should have a few of these in their box.

Hook - Standard Saltwater Hook - TMC 811S #1 or 1/0.
Thread - White Danville 210
Dumbell Eyes or Bead Chain
Krystal Flash - I'm using red here.
Bucktail - I am using light grey and blue.


Step 1 - Tie in your thread at a point 1/3 the distance between the eye of the hook and the bend. Form a small thread ball to help secure the eyes.


Step 2 - Tie in the barbell eyes or bead chain eyes using figure eight wraps. Move your thread to a point halfway between the eyes and the hook eye.

Step 3 - Choose a clump of bucktail from the top 2/3's of the tail. The bottom 1/3 flares too much. Tie in the hair for the underside of the fly. Move your thread behind the eyes and spiral wrap the hair down while holding the hair up so it doesn't move to the side of the hook.

Step 4 - Invert the hook in your vise, move your thread to the front of the eyes and tie in some Krystal Flash forward of the eyes.

Step 5 - Choose some more bucktail using more than you did before. Tie the bucktail in forward of the eyes. Form a cone shaped head with your thread.

Coat the cone shaped head, the bucktail where it goes between the eyes on the underside and the spiral wrapped hook shank with head cement. I like to use 30 minute rod wrap finish but this requires a jig turner for drying. That's it. Easy and fast.

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