As you know there are a lot of trout reels made and sold. They are available in many styles, colors and are manufactured using different methods and materials. The drag or brake systems are varied and some are really unique. The finishes vary too. Some reels have ball bearings, some don't. Some trout reels are noisy and other are quiet. The prices are all over the board from $45 to hundreds.

The more expensive reels are machined from a bar of high grade aluminum. Those are usually lighter, the tolerances are closer and the finish is finer. They usually have an anodized finish. The less expensive reels are most likely cast in a mold but also made from aluminum. They may have a painted or polyurethane finish. These reels cost less but they don't have the close tolerances, the smoothness or fine finish. Most reels today have some sort of disc or synthetic drag system. Others have the old fashioned click and pawl drags. And, those work fine for most trout fishing. You will see standard arbor, mid arbor and large arbor reels. Again, for most trout fishing any of them will work fine. So picking a reel is a personal choice. What feels and sounds best to you? What is your budget? Which one looks best on your rod? Are you looking for one that you will use the rest of your life? Or, is this a backup reel that won't be used much? When choosing a reel these questions will come up in your mind. Here is a sampling of the trout reels we sell.



Orvis Battenkill Bar Stock Reels

Why redesign one of the best selling reels of all time? Orvis knew they could build an evenbetter reel. Every ounce of extra weight has been carved away, leaving a light, durable cage that will provide yearsof use. Ideal for freshwater, an affordable option for light saltwater. Consistently precise, a result of manufacturing tolerances that are much tighter compared to die-cast reels. Built around an infinitely adjustable offset drag mechanism recognized as the most dependable in the industry. These reels are machined from 6262-T6 aircraft grade aluminum. They feature a dependable Rulon drag system. Available in Black or Titanium.

The BBS I has a diameter of 2 1/2" and weighs 3.2 ounces. It is made for 1 or 2 weight lines and sells for $119. The BBS II has a diameter of 2 3/4" and weighs 3.5 ounces for lines sizes 3 or 4. It also sells for $119. The BBS III for 5 or 6 weight line sells for $129, is 3" in diameter and weighs 3.9 ounces.



Abel TR Series Reels

Abel Reels are made in California. The are machined from bar stock aluminum and they are anodized with a very fine flawless finish. They were originally designed in 1992, they stopped production then they were reintroduced in 2008. The internally adjustable pawl click drag is made form 303 heat treated steel and locked in place by two small hex cam nuts and a spring retainer. To adjust the incoming or outgoing tension, simply rotate the fully enclosed hex nuts with your fingertip. The spools are standard arbor with classic round ventilation holes in both the spool and the frame. Standard color is Black Coral. Optional colors and finishes are available on a special order basis at an additional cost.

The TR/Light is a 2.55" diameter reel that weighs 3.1 ounces. It is designed for 1 or 2 weight lines and costs $250. The TR/1 has a diameter of 2.8", weighs 4.0 ounces and is made for line weights 3 or 4. The TR/1 sells for $260. The TR/2 has a diameter of 3.025, weighs 4.3 ounces and is designed for 5 or 6 weight lines. It goes for $270.



Lamson Konic

Lamson Waterworks Konic delivers smart design and high performance in Lamson’s most affordable reel. The same super smooth, fully sealed conical drag system and stainless roller clutch used in their more expensive reels are matched with machined components and pressure cast ALDC12 aluminum alloy spool and frame. Konic is anodized then finished with a 100% solid polyurethane coating to resist gouging and abrasion. Affordable reels just got a whole lot better.

The Konic 1.5 is designed for a 3 or 4 weight line, it has a diameter of 3.10", weighs 4.4 ounces and sells for $119. The Konic 2 is made for a 5 or 6 weight, has a diameter of 3.40" and weighs 4.7 ounces. It sells for $129.



Orvis CFO Reels

Get the best of tradition and technology in one famous reel. Machined with the most modern materials and technology for durability and precision the CFO remains a reverent nod to tradition. Its classic look and sound are synonymous for thousands of anglers with great times on the water. The perfect match in looks and performance to Superfine Trout Bum, bamboo or Helios Rods. The CFO features two stainless steel radial bearings. It is machined from aircraft-grade 6262 T-6 bar stock aluminum. It also features a one-way clutch and rosewood handle. The disc drag’s brass gearing includes more teeth for precise engagement.

The CFO I sells for $189. It's diameter is 2 3/4" and it weighs 3.6 ounces. It is made for line sizes 1, 2 and 3. The CFO II which sells for $198 has a diameter of 2 7/8" and weighs 3.9 ounces. It is best suited for lines 3, 4 or 5. The CFO III has a diameter of 3", weighs 4.2 ounces and sells for $219. It is designed for line sizes 5 or 6.



Lamson Guru

Lamson Waterworks has introduced the Guru, an enlightening reel. Guru enters the family as their lowest-priced fully machined reel. The signature arm-style element on the frame combines with open spokes to maximize structural strength and minimize weight. As with their other reels, Guru features true large arbor ratios. Guru is available in 4 weight through 10 weight, and shares identical drag design and components with Lamson’s most expensive reels. Guru is finished with a clear type 2 anodize.

The Guru 1.5 has a diameter of 3.15", weighs 4.3 ounces and is designed for line weights 3, 4, or 5. It sells for $179. The Guru 2 is 3.30" in diameter, weighs 4.5 ounces and sells for $189. Best lines for it are 5 or 6.



Sage Click Reels

The Sage Click Series Reels are beautiful and simple. These ultra-light Click Series reels represent the ideal combination of modern design and straightforward function for times when a drag system is just unnecessary weight. Based on the popular 3000 Click Series, Click reels feature a smooth new gear and clicker system to cushion delicate tippets and prevent overruns. Minimalists everywhere will appreciate the stealthy anti-glare bronze finish and clean lines.

The Click 1 is made for 000 to 0 weight lines. It weighs only 2 1/4 ounces and sells for $280. The Click II weighs 2 3/8 ounces, sells for $300 and is made for 1 or 2 weight outfits. The Click III costs $310, weighs 2 1/2 ounces and is made for 3 or 4 weight rods.


  Ross Flystart

The Flystart is a hybrid large arbor fly reel that is affordably priced, yet built with the same commitment to quality and performance as all Ross Reels. The drag system is dependable and smooth with a wide range of adjustment. Fly fishing is a sport that everyone can enjoy, but for many people, the price of fly tackle is often a barrier to participation. The Ross team was committed to producing an introductory priced fly reel that would still perform to the expectations of even the most experienced angler, and the Flystart series perfectly meets this goal. The Flystart is manufactured out of high quality pressure-fed cast aluminum with a machined finish. The self-lubricating synthetic drag system is virtually maintenance free. Available in Black or Titanium.

The Flystart #1 sells for $50, has a diameter of 3", weighs 5.2 ounces and is made for a 3 or 4 weight rod. The #2 is 3.25", weighs 5.5 ounces, sells for $55 and is made for a 5 weight rod. The #3 is perfect for a 6 weight, has a diameter of 3.5", weighs 6.0 ounces and sells for $60.


Ross Vexsis Reels

The Vexsis fly reel series is loaded with modern Ross technology and innovative engineering. The drag system is based on the Momentum’s Carbon Fiber design, but the drag system was modified by adding in ceramic to enhance the overall performance. The Vexis drag system is a very powerful push type system that utilizes a Carbon Fiber/Rulon/Ceramic/Aluminum stack-up to maximize the benefits of each of these materials. It features a magnetic spool release. Frame and spool material is 6061-T6 aluminum alloy. Both are fully machined 1 piece. Designed for freshwater or saltwater. Available in Black, Copper and Grey Mist.

The Vexsis #1 is made for a 3 weight, has a 3" diameter, weighs 4.5 ounces and sells for $245. The #1.5 is perfect for a 4 weight, 3.125", weighs 4.6 oz and sells for $255. The #2 is for a 5 weight, 3.25", 4.7 ounces and costs $265. The #3 works well on a 6 weight, has a diameter of 3.5", weighs 5.2 ounces and sells for $285.


  Orvis Original Battenkill Disc Reels

For more than thirty years, more anglers have chosen to fish the original Battenkill reel than any other reel in the world. It’s literally been fished by tens of thousands of anglers worldwide in every freshwater angling situation imaginable. It’s so popular, partly because it’s always been a terrific value. But also because it’s a reel with a reputation for dependability, and it boasts classic looks. The ideal combination of price and proven reliability, it’s also backed by the Orvis 100% guarantee of satisfaction. And now, it’s an even better value at just $79. Find out why the original Battenkill Reel is the most popular reel in the world. Own one today. It features a cast aluminum frame and stainless steel and brass gearing.

The 3/4 sells for $79. It is designed for 3, 4 or 5 weight outfits. The diameter is 2 7/8" and it weighs 4.2 ounces. The 5/6 sells for $89 and works for 5 or 6 weight rods. The diameter is 3 1/8" and it weighs 4.7 ounces.


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