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Drowning Nymphs (Part I of III) by David Perry

I am back again after a long hot spring and summer on the water. We’ve been throwing streamers when the water levels permit, but mainly we’ve been drowning nymphs under indicators.  Yep, there is nothing like watching an indicator for 8 hours while it floats over thousands of our finned friends and occasionally goes under the surface. After nymph fishing all summer, I’ve learned some things which I will pass onto the readers of this journal while trying to accomplish this all in a series of short articles.

The majority of the fish eat under the surface, especially on a tailwater, but the trout in the mountains aren’t that much different. For those of us who feel affection for dry-fly fishing the rivers of the Great Smoky Mountains  this is not good news. If you are an aficionado of Byron’s Fishing Report (if you are not, you should be) you know the fish are not always eating on the surface anyway.

Trout can locate several different food sources while they are looking for their next good meal. One of those food sources are nymphs. We tend to fish multiple nymphs and while we often drown them in pairs, sometimes the day calls for fishing three at one time. Most people who hear the statement of more than two ask the same question “don’t you get a lot of tangles?” The answer is a resounding yes! There usually are multiple tangles and some frustration, but over time comes a smoother cast, the angler gets into a rhythm and the tangles decrease. 

How Far Apart?

If the water level is deep enough to fish more than two nymphs, the question then becomes, how far apart? We like to keep the fly in the fish’s vision for as long as possible.  If the fish are toward the bottom of the stream or river, then tying three flies within 18” from the bottom flies is the norm.

Next month, we will talk about the knots we use when fishing more than one nymph. Until then try fishing more than two flies make smooth casts and hopefully increase your results.

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