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Fly Tyers who will be participating at Fly Tyers Weekend 2017
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Jimmy Jones  
Jimmy Jones - Maryville, Tennessee

Jimmy is a novice, self-taught, fly tier from Maryville, TN.  He has been tying trout flies for fun and personal use since moving to East Tennessee in the mid ‘70s.  The flies that he does not leave in the trees on the sides of the streams in the GSMNP are typically shared with his family and friends.  He primarily fishes with his son and brother in the Tremont and Abrams Creek areas of the GSMNP.

Jimmy will demonstrate a couple of flies that use a variety of tying techniques and materials.  One will be his version of the “Yellow Never Sink Caddis.”  He selected this fly to tie because of its simple construction and because it is one of the most productive year-round flies where he and his son usually fish.

The second fly that he will be demonstrating is a fly he recently discovered while browsing for tying videos on-line.  The “Hatch-Master with Wally Wings” dry fly is an adult mayfly imitation with the tail, the extended body, and wings made from barred water foul flank feathers; and the thorax and legs are made from CDC puffs.

"I've seen these flies. They are definately Smoky Mountain trout catchers. That is the best looking Neversink Ive seen." Byron

Laura Kennerly 
Laura Kennerly – Madison, North Carolina

About 12 years ago I took a couple of casting lessons, and got my first fly line wet in Montana’s Madison River. I had no clue what I was doing. Later that year I learned how to tie flies, specifically “mutant flies”.

Fly fishing and tying is now my passion, and I am always looking for ways to improve my skills and my fly’s. I tie flies for my own use or to trade with friends. I also donate my flies to our local TU club for fundraisers. I was a demo tier at the SEC FFF Fly Fishing festival in Cullowhee, NC May 2014.

Bob Kern
Bob Kern - Blairsville, Georgia

I have been tying for about thirty years I have tyed at several demonstration tying get together's, including SEFFF, IFFF in Livingston and some local events in N GA meets. I tie fishing flies nothing fancy but my favorite flies are Catskill style dry flies.
I'm a member of both T.U. , IFFF and the Fly Tyers group.

Flies in bins Kesselring
Mike Kesselring - Bryson City, North Carolina

Impressive Fly Collection to be Featured. 

Mike Kesselring, of Bryson City, NC, will present his extensive fly collection during the "Fly Tyer's Weekend" at Little River Outfitters in Townsend, Saturday & Sunday, November 4 & 5.

Mike has lived in Bryson City since 1975. His first fly fishing experiences were in 1966 at the age of 15. At the time, his father was stationed on the Pacific coast at a small Air Force Norad Station in Washington State on Cape Flattery inside the Makah Indian Reservation. Riding his bicycle to the nearby Wa'atch River, that emptied into the Pacific Ocean, Mike fished for steelhead and pacific salmon with some of the most beautiful salmon flies of the day. It was those flies that got him started collecting, but it would take a few years before it really took off.

Mike has been collecting flies for over 30 years now. He brags that he has "...never tied a single fly in his life, except to the end of a tippet." He also likes to brag that he has more flies than many fly shops. He estimates he now has 10,000 flies. His collection keeps growing because he picks up flies everywhere he travels, always picking up a few extra to add to his collection. One thing that fascinates him is how fly tying materials has changed over the decades, moving from nearly all natural materials to more and more artificial/synthetic products. And, how the same fly can have a dozen different names.

Because his collection grew so fast in the first few years, he fell behind cataloging where they came from and who the hand-tied flies were made by. He does keep them categorized by size, color, style and type. Every few months he takes up to two weeks merging new additions to his growing collection. Besides flies, his collection includes quite a number of fly boxes and books on flies. When laid out across three 8' tables, his collection makes an impressive sight that has to be seen to believe. Whatever you do, for goodness sake don't ask him about his rod and reel collection.

Tradd Little Tying flies 
Tradd Little - Greenville, South Carolina

Tradd began tying flies in 2013 at the age of eleven when he received a Wapsi fly tying starter kit as a gift. He is self-taught and learned by studying fly tying books and watching fly tying videos. He can tie any traditional pattern and has also created numerous patterns of his own. Tradd ties everything from fully dressed salmon flies and large streamers down to tiny trout flies on hook sizes in the 20s. He loves all things related to bugs, feathers, fur, and fishing.

Tradd is on the Pro Teams for Partridge of Redditch, Dr. Slick Instruments for Anglers, Flymen Fishing Company, and Lagartun Premium Fly Tying Materials. He has been a featured fly tyer, demonstrator, or instructor at many fly fishing shows, retail stores, and clubs including the International Fly Tying Symposium, the Fly Fishing Show, the Sowbug Roundup, the IFFF Southern and Southeastern Council Fly Fishing Fairs, the Virginia Fly Fishing Festival, the Western North Carolina Fly Fishing Expo, Fly Tyers Weekend, Little River Outfitters, Cabelas, Orvis, and Trout Unlimited. He has also taught entomology and fly tying lessons at a local Children’s Museum and elementary school. You can see pictures of a sampling of his flies and pattern recipes at

Shawn Madison 
Shawn Madison - Norris, Tennessee

A Clinch River, fly-fishing fanatic, Shawn Madison is also a passionate entrepreneur and experienced boat builder. Using his vast experience in design, engineering, and manufacturing in the boat building industry, Shawn is currently finalizing the production plan for a Southern Style Drift Boat.

An avid photographer, fly-tyer, and inventor, he also maintains The Clinch River, TN Facebook page that promotes one of the East Tennesseeís greatest resources.

His goal is to help promote the sport of fly-fishing, increase conservation, and to help others find the joy of tricking trout.

Watch for his current project soon, a book titled Find the Joy of Fly Fishing.

Dave McBurnie  
Dave McBurnie - Denver, North Carolina

Born 1942, Pittsburgh Pa.  Graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson University Teaneck New Jersey in 1965 with a Bachelor of Science in Business and a Minor in Statistics.  Married to Jean for 47 years. Have two children Sherry and Scott. Also have two grandchildren Christian and Miles.
Worked for Continental Can/Crown Cork & Seal for forty-six years before retiring seven years ago. Started out as an inspector and ended up as World Wide Vice President of Quality Assurance / World Class Performance / Six Sigma. Spent twenty-five years with overseas venture startup group.
Developed a passion for fly-fishing and fly tying from my Dad when I was ten years old. I have been fly-fishing and fly tying for over sixty years. Started to tie and teach fly tying seriously seven years ago when I retired and moved to North Carolina.
I have had the privilege of learning fly-tying from Bob Clouser, Joe Humphreys, Dick Talleur, and Anthony Hipps.
As First Vice President of the Carolina Fly Fishing Club I have been active in teaching fly-tying to beginners and intermediate fly tiers. I have also demonstrated fly tying at International Federation Of Fly Fishers enclaves, Outdoor, Civic, Church, 4H and Boy Scout groups.
I am a member of the Carolina Fly Fishing Club, Trout Unlimited, International Federation Of Fly Fishers and the International Federation of Fishers Fly Tying Group.

My favorite fly is the Muddler Minnow but I enjoy tying all types of flies. I get great enjoyment in teaching a new beginner to tie a fly and seeing the end result.
I tied my first fully dressed salmon fly, a green highlander, fourteen years ago, which renewed my passion for fly tying. I treat fly tying as an art form. 

Ken McClain Tying Flies  

Ken McClain - Knoxville, Tennessee

Ken is a novice to the art of fly tying and fly fishing.  He is a veteran and active member of Project Healing Waters, and Clinch River Trout Unlimited.  He has attended the CRTU Beginner and Intermediate fly tying courses, and fly fishing workshops presented by skilled members of CRTU to cultivate his skills in both fly tying and fly fishing.

Ken regularly takes advantage of any opportunity to promote his passion for fly tying by giving demonstrations so that others may also find interest in the art . He has tied flies for donation to Casting For Recovery, and through CRTU volunteered to show kids how to tie flies during this past June's free fishing day. His favorite fly is the Wally-winged Hatch master.

Allen McGee  

Alan McGee - Atlanta, Georgia

Allen McGee is a fly fishing writer, fly designer and photographer from Georgia. His specialties are imitating nymphs, emergers and adults with soft-hackles both tying and fishing them.

He is the author of the book Tying & Fishing Soft-Hackled Nymphs and has written numerous articles for fly fishing magazines.

When he is not fly tying, he is out stream testing his wet flies on both eastern and western U.S. and sometimes international trout streams. 

Brown Osborne 

Brown Osborne - Moravian Falls, North Carolina

53 year veteran of Trout Unlimited, also been in FFF a while.  I only tie flies I fish with.  Joined TU March 21, 1964, joined FFF don’t know when.  Didn’t go to school opening day Trout season first grade.  I am 76 and still waving my fly rod around.  I try to, fish most every week.

Josh Pfeiffer 

Josh Pfeiffer – Maryville, Tennessee

Josh grew up fishing the rivers and lakes in East Tennessee.  He started his guiding career at Blackberry Farm then ventured out on his own as an independent guide.  He spent much of his early guiding career in Great Smoky Mountains National Park targeting trout.

Later he added smallmouth bass to his list of options for clients.  He takes some smallie guests to Little River where they float in his raft.  More often than not, he floats clients down the lower tailwaters in our area in his drift boat.  Josh made a name for himself as a smallmouth bass guide.  Anglers travel here from long distances just to smallmouth fish with Josh.

His smallmouth patterns are deadly and when he opens his fly boxes you can see he spends a lot of time developing new flies that catch fish.

I have fished with Josh many times and learned from each experience.  We have had 100 fish days, twice this year.  Josh also teaches beginner fly fishing at Little River Outfitters.  He is a great guy who you will enjoy meeting and sharing his enthusiasm.


Mary K Resio - MKFlygirl  

Mary K. Resio – Lexington, South Carolina

Mary Katherine, a.k.a. MKflygirl, is fifteen years old and lives by the Saluda River and Lake Murray.  As a young girl, she watched her Grandfather Resio work at his fly desk for hours.  MKflygirl caught his passion and began learning his craft at the age of eleven.
As an avid nature lover, she spends most of her time hiking, fishing and tying.  She mainly fishes in the Yadkin Valley in NC.
MKflygirl hopes that her love of fly tying will inspire other kids and especially girls to try the art of fly tying.  She is constantly learning new ways to tie flies and loves to create her own unique designs.  Her favorite patterns are the Mylar Minnow and the Woolly Bugger with her own personal twists.  She has even presented her unique designs to Casting for Recovery.
She is a member of Trout Unlimited of the Saluda River.  She is also a proud supporter of Project Healing Waters and loves to donate her flies to this amazing organization.  This summer, she was chosen to participate in a Trout Unlimited Camp called Rivercourse. 

MKflygirl has attended many shows, but this is her first one as a demonstrator.

John Robbins 

John Robbins - Rock Hill, South Carolina

I learned how to tie flies from Joe Hedricks, former owner of Jesse Brown's in Charlotte, NC in the Fall of 1984, and have been avidly tying ever since. Over the years I have tied at several Fly Fishing Show events for the Carolina Fly Fishing Club and TU, at the SE IFFF Conclave at Western Carolina University in Cullowhee, and at the Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum as a featured fly tier in the Museum.

My fly-fishing career began when I was 16 years old in NJ in 1959, and the bug (pardon the pun) has bitten me ever since. Over the years, I've experienced some fabulous fly fishing days. One in particular occurred on the Davidson River in NC where I caught a 6 1/2 lb 25" rainbow on a fly I invented, which I call the Robbins Shell Back Nymph. Since I caught the fish in the General Water, the fish adorns my wall with the original fly in her mouth. I also caught a 7 1/2 lb largemouth bass in a small Rock Hill, SC pond on a Black Woolley Bugger.

One of my most memorable days on the water occurred in NY State on the Roeliff Jansen Kill fondly known locally as the Roe Jan. I was fishing with a good friend, Wild Bill Newcomb, a professional fly tier. The day before we couldn't catch a cold with trout rising everywhere. The next day was just the opposite, and within three hours we caught over 100 brown trout. I caught the majority of mine on a foam body black ant which I had learn to tie from Craig Matthews, famous fly tier and author from West Yellowstone, MT.

Mike Shuman  

Mike Shuman - Mount Airy, North Carolina

I have been a fly fisher since 1964 and a tyer since 1969.  Basically self-taught for years at both endeavors until I found FFI and attended some events like this one.  Like many I tie what I fish and I fish what produces.  My primary emphasis has been smallmouth bass, but my recent move to North Carolina from Oklahoma has rekindled my interest in trout.  (There are 4 streams within 20 minutes of my new home; there were 4 in the whole state of OK.)

Before moving, I demonstrated at the FFI Southern Region events in Mountain Home AR and the Smallmouth Rendezvous in Tahlequah OK.  Teaching others basic skills is something I really enjoy, thus I taught the Beginning Fly Tyers class for the Oklahoma Chapter of Trout Unlimited/Tulsa Fly Fishers for 6 years.  At this event I’ll demonstrate and discuss some of the warm water flies that have worked for me in various parts of the country.  During my working lifetime I traveled extensively and fished in almost all the states at least once.  Some during longer assignments got worked over really well; some just a weekend jaunt over the border.

Brad Sprinkle 
Brad Sprinkle - Mars Hill, North Carolina

I have taught high school Drafting and Technology for the past sixteen years. Before that I received degrees in Tool Design and Manufacturing Engineering Technology.

This background has always driven me to want to know what things are made of and what materials could be successfully substituted for them. Also I’m somewhat of a pack rat when it comes to my fly tying bench.

The idea of ‘Trash Flies’ has developed from noticing all the stuff we throw away in society and wondering is it truly trash or just waiting for someone to say ‘that would make a cool _____?’

Mike Wallace  
Mike Wallace - Bristol, Tennessee

I have been tying flies for around 30 years. I fish in the mountains of East Tennessee, Southwest Virginia, and the tail waters of the Holston and Watauga rivers. I tie many different types of flies, but I really enjoy tying flies that are at least 50 years old. I also enjoy fishing wet flies, and using them in tandem with dry flies. I tie a lot of flies for my friends, and I have some of them tying flies.

Biography:  I am a middle school teacher. I teach the eighth grade. I teach Science and math. I have a beautiful wife of 25 years.

Roy Weeks  
Roy Weeks - Pleasureville, Kentucky

Co. Founder of Kentuckiana Fly Tyers. Tied At:      
Sow Bug, Cincinnati Ohio Fly Fishing Show, Hook and Hackle SHow, IFF Show, Kentucky FLy Fishing Show and the Branson

Missouri Fly Fishing show. I am a member of:  IFF, TU Louisville and NAFF

Josh Williams 
Josh Williams – Roanoke, Virginia

Directly after high school Josh joined the Army as an infantry soldier. In 2004 he was deployed to Iraq for 13 months and served as an automatic rifleman. He became a squad leader upon returning to Ft. Hood, TX in 2005.

In 2006 he was riding his motorcycle to guard duty when a teenager ran a stop sign and hit him. He broke three bones in his back, shattered his femur and ankle, and lost his right arm just above the elbow. Josh was sent to Walter Reed Army Medical Center once he was stable enough to fly. During his 10 month stay at the hospital he met Ed Nicholson (PHWFF founder) and John Bass. They introduced Josh to Project Healing Waters (PHWFF). PHWFF is an organization that teaches disabled veterans how to cast, fly fish, and tie flies as a form of mental and physical therapy.

At first, he wanted nothing to do with fly fishing. They were persistent, and got him out on the water soon after. Josh fell in love with fly fishing after catching his first trout on a fly rod. This opened the door and gave him the confidence to try other things he thought he could no longer do like hunting, tying his shoes, and more recently changing diapers! He medically retired from the Army as a Staff Sergeant.

Upon returning home to Roanoke, VA, Josh assisted in starting a PHWFF chapter based at the Salem VA hospital. They offer casting, fishing, and fly tying there. On their first fly tying event, Josh made the decision to try to tie his first fly so not to look hypocritical when trying to get the other vets to participate. He instantly fell in love. Shortly after, Josh started his own company tying flies, Dead Drift Flies.

Later, he added a blog, guide services and gear to his company and changed the name to Dead Drift Outfitters. Orvis picked up a fly that Josh originated in 2011 (Josh’s White Lightning) and an additional original in 2013 (Josh’s Wiggle Hellgrammite). This December, Josh will graduate from Old Dominion University with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Technology. It has been 7 years of going to school part time while working a full time job at Aecom and his fly fishing business. Josh’s and his always supportive wife Lisa have a 3 year old daughter, Emma Jo, and an 8 month old son, Wyatt. God is good!


Steve Yates – Fayetteville, North Carolina

Steve has been a demonstration tier for many years at the National Fly Fishing Shows, TU, Troutfest, and FFF events.  His trout patterns have been proven to be very effective and durable on the stream.

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