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Fly Tyers who will be participating at Fly Tyers Weekend 2017
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Walter Babb  

Walter Babb - Sweetwater, Tennessee

Walter Babb has been fly fishing the Southern Appalachian mountains for over 60 years.  He began his journey fishing with his father mostly in the Tellico River drainage.  Walter became a commercial fly tyer at a young age and still ties flies to sell.  He loves fly fishing for trout but has ventured into some warmwater fishing and Atlantic Salmon fishing as well.  He has traveled to the west and the northeast United States to fish.

Walter enjoys tying and fishing Southern Appalachian and Catskills flies.  He is known as a master nymph and wet fly fisherman.  And, we consider him a walking fly fishing encyclopedia.  He remembers even the most miniscule details about cane rod builders and fly tyers.

Walter began making bamboo rods about 10 years ago.  He makes his beautiful rods to sell and always has a waiting list of anxious customers.  Additionally, Walter has taught and still teaches beginner fly fishing classes as well as beginner, intermediate and advanced fly tying classes at Little River Outfitters.  He has been teaching here for over 15 years.


Brandon Bailes 
Brandon Bailes – Athens, Alabama

I live in the Tennessee Valley with my beautiful bride and 2 wild little boys and I'm surrounded by some great warmwater fisheries! I also frequent the Elk River tailwaters and the Sipsey River tailwaters, which is only an hour away from my home, to get my trout fix.
I am a hardcore streamer junkie and glass rod geek. I love fishing big articulated streamers in heavy flows with big rods and sinking lines but also get just as excited searching out plunge pools with a light wt rod and downsized streamers.

As far as work, by day I am an engineering technician for NASA and at night, when the wife and lil ones go to bed, I work filling orders for my small shop, Panther Branch bugs. I’m also a fly designer for Orvis and have two patterns available through them in 2016...the Bailes Out minnow and the Bailes Panther Branch hopper. I take great pride in designing and producing flies and love sharing tips and techniques with everyone.

Bill Boyd Jr. 

Bill Boyd Jr. - Dayton, Tennessee

Bill Boyd, Jr. a.k.a. “Nick” is a member of the Dubbing Teasers Fly Tying Team.  Nick has written product review articles for Fly Fish America Magazine and is a member of Trout Unlimited Appalachian Chapter.  He is also a member of the Federation of Fly Fishers. 

He ties a variety of Nymphs, Streamers, and Dry Fly patterns for Trout as well as assorted warm water species. 

His signature fly, the Tennessee Stonefly Nymph, has been showcased in Fly Tyer and Fly Fish America Magazines.  He also enjoys demonstrating the creation of a realistic spider pattern.  His diversity in tying flies is particularly popular with spectators at his demonstrations, and some have remarked;  “There is never a dull moment watching Bill demonstrate his skills.”  

Bill Boyd Sr. 

Bill Boyd Sr. - Dayton, Tennessee

Bill Boyd, Sr., a.k.a. “Knack”, is the elder member of the Dubbing Teasers Fly Tying Team.  Knack is a Member of Trout Unlimited Appalachian Chapter.  His signature fly, the “Hiwassee Streamer” has been showcased in Fly Fish America Magazine

He is also known for tying the “Toilet Tank Floater” , “Knack’s Mudbug” (Crawfish Pattern) and Striking Dragonfly Patterns.  He is interested in combining natural and synthetic materials to produce strike- triggering elements in his flies.  In addition to being known for his inventive fly tying techniques, Knack’s mechanical inventions are often conversation pieces. 

His “Natural Light Simulator,” that demonstrates how changing light actually produces color changes in nymphs under water, has been received with great interest and enthusiasm. 

Jim Brady with a smallmouth bass  

Jim Brady - Greensboro, NC

Jim Brady is a life-long fly fisherman, fly tyer and rod builder.  He has fished throughout New England, Pennsylvania, Montana, Wyoming and Alaska since 1964.  He managed to complete his graduate work Penn State University in spite of locally excellent spring creek fishing.

He moved to North Carolina in 1988 and added large and smallmouth bass, striped bass, false albacore, American shad and hickory shad to his resume.  If it will eat a fly, he’ll chase it.

He has taught fly tying for many years and is an active member of the Nat Greene Flyfishers in Greensboro, NC.

Herb Broegmann 
Herb Broegmann- Mooresville, North Carolina

I retired and moved from up North to Gods country in the South. North Carolina.

I started to fly fish , tie flies and build my own Graphite fly rods after a very long hiatus up North.

I’ve learned from many talented fly fishers and tiers in our area and enjoy passing on what I learned to beginners of our sport.

Mike Bryant 

Mike Bryant - Townsend, Tennessee

Mike has been flyfishing and tying flies for the past fifteen years. He has been flyfishing for trout, smallmouth, largemouth, salmon, steelhead, tarpon and bonefish in Alaska, Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Montana, Ohio, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico
and Tennessee.

Mike has been tying flies for almost as long as he has been flyfishing. He has attended many fly tying classes from A.K. Best, Walter Babb, Dave Brandt, Dave Engle, Bob Clouser, Chris Helm, Mike Lawson, Wayne Luallen, Roger Lowe, Skip Morris, Jim Teeny, April Vokey and
Glenn Weisner.

Mike currently resides in Townsend, TN; and is currently serving as Vice Chair of the Tennessee Council of Trout Unlimited.

Catch Coemier  

Glen "Catch" Coemier - Boyce, Louisiana

Catch is president of the Kisatchie Fly Fishers and Cenla Kayak Anglers, and has served as president or officer of several clubs and organizations, including the IFFF Gulf Coast Council and CCA-Louisiana. For 15 years he's been the fly fishing columnist for Louisiana Sportsman magazine, and for 4 years a kayak fishing reporter for "Outdoors With Don Dubuc" weekly radio show. He also maintains the only website dedicated to Louisiana Fly Fishing (

As a young man, Catch earned his nickname as a successful bass tournament angler, but a fellow student at LSU graduate school reintroduced him to fly fishing and it became an immediate addiction. In 1988, he had his first kayak fishing experience. Later that year, he was asked to help form a fly fishing club in Baton Rouge. In 1996, he earned the FFF Casting Instructor badge. He's taught leisure classes on fly fishing and fly tying at LSU, and gives presentations across the country.

Catch will be tying a few of his favorite saltwater flies, some his own creation that have been featured in books and magazines. When not chasing redfish, bass or other species, he enjoys hiking, traveling, cooking and LSU sports.

Ted Crona 

Ted Crona - Scottsboro, Alabama

Ted is a retired metallurgical engineer and quality manager with 40 years of experience.  He has 5 patents and is a former chairman of an ASTM committee.   He started fly fishing at the age of 55 and started tying flies immediately afterwards.  Since then, Ted has become a proficient fly tier. Fly Anglers On-Line featured one of Ted’s flies, the “Semper Fi”, as one of their lead stories in June, 2009.

Ted resides in Scottsboro, AL, with his wife Libby, his lab, Ellie, where he continues to fish and tie and make fly plates of old classic wet flies.

Ted Crona 

Ted Crona - Scottsboro, Alabama

Ted is a retired metallurgical engineer and quality manager with 40 years of experience. He has 5 patents and is a former chairman of an ASTM committee.

He started fly fishing at the age of 55 and started tying flies immediately afterwards. Since then, Ted has become a proficient fly tier.

Fly Anglers On-Line featured one of Ted’s flies, the “Semper Fi”, as one of their lead stories in June, 2009. Ted resides in Scottsboro, AL, with his wife Libby, his lab, Ellie, where he continues to fish and tie and make fly plates of old classic wet flies.

Kieran Frye 
Kieran Frye - Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania

“Kieran has been tying flies since 1980. He enjoys teaching young and old alike. He has won numerous fly tying awards both here in the USA and abroad. His most notable is the 1994 Mustad Scandinavian Open Fly Tying Championships held in Oslo Norway. He resides in Mt. Pleasant Pa with his wife Kim and their black lab Max.”

Clayton Gist 

Clayton Gist - Knoxville, Tennessee

Clayton has been tying flies for several decades and has taught fly tying classes in multiple locations in the Denver, CO area as well as in Logan, UT.

Locally he has participated as an instructor in several Clinch River Chapter of Trout Unlimited (TU) Fly Tying courses, TU Trout Summer Camp at Tremont in Smoky Mountain National Park, Wounded Warriors. Clayton has tied flies most of his 77 yrs. and has either lead or instructed in multiple programs such as; the Wounded Warriors fly tying, Project Healing Waters, Trout Unlimited Beginning Fly Tying, Introductory Fly Tying Class at Utah State University, as well as multiple fly tying classes in the Denver, CO area. .

He grew up in the intermountain west, knows and loves many western rivers. Presently he spends about 4 months a year on the San Juan River in Northern New Mexico.

Steve Gregg  

Steve Gregg - Talbott, Tennessee

Being a born and raised East Tennessean I am a self-taught tyer.  Learning largely through trial and error.  Though my passion is the Smoky mountains and the old trout patterns, I began my tying hobby learning to spin deerhair bass bugs for smallmouth bass.  Now I tie whatever suits by fancy.  I also am lead tying instructor at the Orvis Sevierville Store.

I am married and have a daughter and 2 granddaughters that I one day hope to be able to teach to tie and fly fish.  Their mother has gone fly fishing with me for years and I cherish those father/daughter fishing trips.

Jack Gregory 

Jack Gregory – Walland, Tennessee

Jack Gregory’s grandfather moved his family from Cades Cove to Walland, Tennessee when Great Smoky Mountains National Park was formed.  His wife’s family lived in Cades Cove as well.  Jack held on to his ancestors love of the mountains and Jack became an accomplished hunter and fly fisherman at an early age.  He fly fished in the Smokies whenever he got the chance which was often throughout his younger days and he continues today.

He spent his vacations for years in Yellowstone National Park, for a month at a time, learning to fish the rivers there.  He has a keen sense of trout behavior and he can see fish better than anyone I know.  His primary targets here are large Smokies brown trout and smallmouth bass in the lowland rivers and lakes.  His saltwater adventures take him to Florida where he fly fishes for tarpon and redfish.  Other than wade fishing for trout in streams, his second love is catching permit in Belize. 

Jack is an excellent fly tyer.  He is the best fly fisherman I have ever fished with.  You will enjoy your time with Jack.


Paul Gruver 

Paul Gruver - Wake Forest, North Carolina

An avid fisherman since childhood, Paul began tying flies when he was about 10, but he didn't start fishing with them until many years later.  Today, he ties flies from a size 24 midge pupa for the tailwaters, to a size 2 Alaskabou for Alaskan salmon, and everything in between. 

Raised on the tradtional patterns espoused by Ray Bergman, though, his passion is for the traditional Catskill dries, classic wets, and the feather wing streamers that graced the fly boxes of fishermen in the 1950's and '60's.  Whatever he happens to be tying, though, Paul will always be happy to digress into his favorite Appalachian or Southern tailwater patterns.

Paul is a member of the IFFF Fly Tying Group.  He gives frequent fly tying demonstrations for various local organizations, and is often seen at regional fly fishing shows promoting youth fly tying, and membership in the IFFF.

Adam Harmon 

Adam Harman – Greensboro, North Carolina

My name is Adam Harman. I live in Winston-Salem, NC with my wife Erin and our two children Jonah and Olivia. I picked up fly fishing from my Dad when I was kid but didn’t really fall in love with it until I was about 25. I started tying a few years later, which would later blossom into a passion. I had been tying off and on for myself for several years until last year I decided to start selling commercially. In February, Blue Ridge Custom Flies was launched. After working all day and spending time with the family, I spend a lot of my evenings tying for other fly-fisherman all over the country or experimenting with new patterns.

When I am not tying, I enjoy being with my wife and kids and fly-fishing in the mountains of Virginia and North Carolina. You can follow me or check my work out on Instagram @blueridgecustomflies and I am also featured on

Dave Harrell 
Dave Harrell – Clinton, Tennessee

Dave currently works as a Natural Resource Manager for Tennessee Valley Authority-with a background in wildlife/fisheries management and outdoor recreation. Dave began fly tying in 1994, after taking a beginning fly tying course at the Creel in Knoxville.

He has developed several of his own patterns. The Harrell's Sulfur Soft- Hackle was published in a Trout South newsletter with a feature on soft-hackle flies. Dave has a passion for instructing. He has conducted several fly tying demonstrations at TU chapter meetings.

Dave is a lead instructor in the Clinch River Trout Unlimited Chapter's annual beginners fly tying course. Likewise, co-instructing for fly tying classes for Project Healing Waters. Dave and his wife Melissa teach a fly fishing course for Roane State Community College.

Melissa Harrell in a drift boat  

Melissa Harrell – Clinton, Tennessee

Melissa is Dave’s prettier, better half and also an accomplished fly tier in her own right.  She and Dave will be demonstrating how to tie their beautiful and effective trout flies.

Melissa served as the Vice President for the Clinch River Chapter of Trout Unlimited for 3 years and was chosen this year to be the Women's Initiative Chair for the state of Tennessee.  Also, she coordinated the first Woman On The Water program and  held  the 4th annual event in September. 


Gary Herber - Douglasville, Georgia

I am a purple heart AFG veteran.  I have been tying for about 1 year with Project Healing Waters learning under the mentorship of Gene Barrington.  I have recently started guiding on the Chesatee River in north Georgia.  I have learned a lot from Gene and I have a couple of instructional videos on youtube.  I run Goodwill Guides.

Anthony Hipps

Photo by Bob Clouser


Anthony Hipps - Lexington, North Carolina

Anthony served as the FFF-SEC  President from 2009-2012.  In the past he has served the FFF-SEC on the board of directors, as show fly tying chairman, program show director and festival show chairman.  Anthony served on the FFF- Southeastern Council Board of Directors, taught many fly tying seminars and demonstrated fly tying at the FFF-SEC fly fishing festivals 1999-2012.  He has demonstrated fly tying at Troutfest and many other fly fishing shows. He is a professional speaker, tier and fly tying instructor. He has served as president, vice-president, fly tying instructor, Boy Scouts Merit Badge Coordinator and program chairman for his home fly fishing club, the Nat Greene Fly Fishers (TU/FFF affiliate) in Greensboro, NC.

Anthony has been nationally recognized for his spun deer-hair bass flies, smallmouth bass nymphs (the Hellcraw), saltwater streamers and especially his unique soft-bodied foam poppers, divers and sliders. In 2004 he was a featured fly tier on the Outdoor Life Network’s Fly Fish TV Magazine television program.  Fly Tyer Magazine has published five of Anthony’s articles on his unique flies, including the Hipps Soft-Bodied popper line of flies.   Anthony is proud to be a contributing author for Bob Clouser’s outstanding book, “Fly Fishing for Smallmouth in Rivers and Streams”. 

Dan Jackman


Dan Jackman - Louisville, Kentucky

Founder of Kentuckiana Fly Tyers, Member of Derby City Fly Fishers ,Member of TU, Member of NAFF.  Tied at Cincinnati fly show, DCFF show, Hook & Hackle, Sow Bug, Southern Conclave.

Brandon Jackson


Brandon Jackson - Bug Tussle, Alabama

Brandon owns and operates Riverside Fly Shop in Bug Tussle, Alabama. Since the shop opened in 2005 he has spent many hours tying to fill the shop box, as well as teaching tying lessons for customers.

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