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Fly Tyers who will be participating at Fly Tyers Weekend 2014


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Tyers to be added to Photos and Bios:

Mike Bone, Rex Wilson.

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Mike Adaams 

Mike Adams – Johnson City, Tennessee

Mike Adams writes on his website, “From the age of 12, I knew the thing I wanted to do the most was to get people in the great outdoor.  The best way I could think to do it was to help them learn to catch fish.”

In 1997, Mike and his wife Vicki moved from Phoenix, AZ to the Johnson City Area to start a guide service. Mike has been guiding clients on the South Holston River and Caney Fork River in Middle Tennessee ever since.

He has developed some great fly patterns too.  They are tied by Holly Flies in Pennsylvania and sold to fly shops in the Southeast.  One pattern, Mike’s Magic Beetle is one of Little River Outfitter’s top selling Summer flies.  There are many more.

You will enjoy Mike and learn from him at Fly Tyers Weekend.  Mike always draws a big crowd to our shop in February, when he demonstrates his skills to our customers.  Mike also helps Mahoney’s Fly Shop in Johnson City when needed.  He’s an expert, any fly shop owner would want to have talking and assisting their customers. Mike is the real deal.

Walter Babb 

Walter Babb - Sweetwater, Tennessee

Walter Babb has been fly fishing the Southern Appalachian mountains for over 60 years.  He began his journey fishing with his father mostly in the Tellico River drainage.  Walter became a commercial fly tyer at a young age and still ties flies to sell.  He loves fly fishing for trout but has ventured into some warmwater fishing and Atlantic Salmon fishing as well.  He has traveled to the west and the northeast United States to fish.

Walter enjoys tying and fishing Southern Appalachian and Catskills flies.  He is known as a master nymph and wet fly fisherman.  And, we consider him a walking fly fishing encyclopedia.  He remembers even the most miniscule details about cane rod builders and fly tyers.

Walter began making bamboo rods about 10 years ago.  He makes his beautiful rods to sell and always has a waiting list of anxious customers.  Additionally, Walter has taught and still teaches beginner fly fishing classes as well as beginner, intermediate and advanced fly tying classes at Little River Outfitters.  He has been teaching here for over 15 years.


Reid Benton 

Reid Benton - Madison, Alabama

Retired Navy Commander (30 years service) as Fixed-wing and Helicopter Pilot. Retired Program Manager for Lockheed Martin Corp on US Navy’s AEGIS program. 

Started fly fishing as a boy in Georgia, fishing for anything (mostly bluegills) then chasing freshwater and saltwater fish for the last 50 years in earnest and remains an avid trout fisherman.

I have fished most of the streams in the northeast, southeast and many in the west as well. Tying flies for the last 40 years. Fortunate enough to receive instruction from some of the great fly tiers in our country. 

I am the fly tying instructor for the Tennessee Valley Fly Fishing club in Huntsville, Alabama.  Demonstration Tier for the FFF Southeast and Southern section. Also Sow-Bug Roundup in Mountain Home, Ar.  Presently full time retired in Madison, Alabama and enjoying life.

Bill Boyd Jr. 

Bill Boyd Jr. - Dayton, Tennessee

Bill Boyd, Jr. a.k.a. “Nick” is a member of the Dubbing Teasers Fly Tying Team.  Nick has written product review articles for Fly Fish America Magazine and is a member of Trout Unlimited Appalachian Chapter.  He is also a member of the Federation of Fly Fishers. 

He ties a variety of Nymphs, Streamers, and Dry Fly patterns for Trout as well as assorted warm water species. 

His signature fly, the Tennessee Stonefly Nymph, has been showcased in Fly Tyer and Fly Fish America Magazines.  He also enjoys demonstrating the creation of a realistic spider pattern.  His diversity in tying flies is particularly popular with spectators at his demonstrations, and some have remarked;  “There is never a dull moment watching Bill demonstrate his skills.”  

Bill Boyd Sr. 

Bill Boyd Sr. - Dayton, Tennessee

Bill Boyd, Sr., a.k.a. “Knack”, is the elder member of the Dubbing Teasers Fly Tying Team.  Knack is a Member of Trout Unlimited Appalachian Chapter.  His signature fly, the “Hiwassee Streamer” has been showcased in Fly Fish America Magazine

He is also known for tying the “Toilet Tank Floater” , “Knack’s Mudbug” (Crawfish Pattern) and Striking Dragonfly Patterns.  He is interested in combining natural and synthetic materials to produce strike- triggering elements in his flies.  In addition to being known for his inventive fly tying techniques, Knack’s mechanical inventions are often conversation pieces. 

His “Natural Light Simulator,” that demonstrates how changing light actually produces color changes in nymphs under water, has been received with great interest and enthusiasm. 

Brandon Bailes 

Brandon Bailes - Athens Alabama

I live in the Tennessee Valley and I'm surrounded by great warmwater fisheries! I also frequent the Elk river tailwaters in TN, which is only an hour away from my home. My flyfishing styles are polar opposites:)

I am a die hard streamer junkie( 8wts, big flies, and sinking line) but i am also addicted to small stream fishing with a light fiberglass rod...just depends on the day and mood.....but 99% of either style is for warmwater fish.

As far as work, by day i am an engineering technician for NASA and at night, when the wife and lil ones go to bed, I am a fly tyer! i have sold flies via facebook and instagram for awhile and plan on building a website soon!

Jeff Barrett 
Jeff Barrett - Nashville, Tennessee

Jeff Barrett is a guide in Middle Tennessee with numerous years of fly fishing experience. He caught the fly fishing bug while living in Pennsylvania and his love for the sport intensified after moving to Nashville in 1998.

He can be found chasing trout on the Caney Fork River and the Elk River here in middle Tennessee. Jeff is also a member of FFF, Trout Unlimited, served 3 years as president of Middle Tennessee Fly Fisher, and currently serves on the Southeastern Council - FFF Board of Directors.

He has tied flies at numerous club and fly fishing events around the southeast. Jeff enjoys tying soft hackles, midges, and streamers. He enjoys working with beginners as well as veterans of the sport.

Phil Brandt 

Phil Brandt - Knoxville, Tennessee

Tying and lying about freshwater flyfishing since 1981.
Tying and lying about saltwater flyfishing for the past 10 years.
Largest object ever landed on fly!......Dean Campbell  (pic to prove it)
Additional assortment of gulls, swallows, and crabs on my flies!

Greatest fishing accomplishments.....
a)teaching my son Rob to fish.
b)Getting to fish with great guys and tiers like Dean Campbell,  & Ray

Real life......
a)happily married to a fishing widow for 34 years
b)Cardiovascular Surgery Physician Assistant

Warning - Please don't ask me how a guy with big hands ties little flies. The last guy that did had a quadruple bypass the next week and got to see these big hands in action.

Mike Bryant 
Mike Bryant - Townsend, Tennessee

Mike has been flyfishing and tying flies for the past fifteen years.  He has been flyfishing for trout, smallmouth, largemouth, salmon, steelhead, tarpon and bonefish in Alaska, Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Montana, Ohio, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico and Tennessee. 

Mike has been tying flies for almost as long as he has been flyfishing.  He has attended many fly tying classes from A.K. Best, Walter Babb, Dave Brandt, Dave Engle, Bob Clouser, Chris Helm, Mike Lawson, Wayne Luallen, Roger Lowe, Skip Morris, Jim Teeny, April Vokey and Glenn Weisner. 

Mike currently resides in Townsend, TN; and is currently serving as President of the Little River Chapter of Trout Unlimited and Vice Chair of the Tennessee Council of Trout Unlimited.

Buzz Buffington 
Buzz Buffington - Clinton, Tennessee

Buzz Buffington grew up in Southern Idaho and started fly fishing and fly tying as a teenager. He came east to study wildlife biology at Virginia Tech. in Blacksburg Va.

He worked in land and natural resource management for TVA, retiring in1994.

Buzz was a charter member of the Clinch River Chapter of Trout Unlimited. He developed their beginning fly tying course, leads river cleanups and volunteers in Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing.

Dean Campbell 
Dean Campbell - Knoxville, Tennessee

Dean grew up in Waynesville, NC, where he fished the trout streams of the Smokies at every opportunity. He started learning to tie flies at age 10, from his uncle Ralph Mills.

He moved to Knoxville in 1979, and began to take advantage of all the warm water fishing opportunities that TVA has provided for the area. He fishes for many species with a fly, and his two favorites are stripers and redfish.

He achieved two new personal bests this past summer, a 34 pound striper, and an 8 pound smallmouth, both from below Melton Hill Dam.

He has demonstrated tying and conducted tying workshops at TU functions and FFF conclaves, including twice at the International FFF Conclaves.

He was awarded Fly Tyer of the year for the Southeastern Council of the FFF in 2001, appeared on Fly Fish TV demonstrating his unique foam poppers in 2004, and had one of his original patterns published in Patterns of the Masters.

Dave Carson 

Dave Carson - Knoxville, Tennessee

Dave Carson started fly fishing in 1980 in Northern California, and moved to East Tennessee in 1999

He is the Fishing manager for Orvis in Sevierville, Fly fishing instructor, has been a guide in the Smoky Mountain N.P with his own guide business, he is the East Tennessee Casting for Recovery River Coordinator,and is the river keeper for a private two and a half mile Trout stream.

Dave learned how to ty flies at LRO in a 2002 in a class taught by Byron, and Walter Babb, and just fell in love with it.

Michael "Rocky" Cox 

Michael "Rocky" Cox - Seymour, Tennessee

OUPV Coast Guard Licensed Captain
Guiding professionally since 2001
Specializing in drift boat fly fishing on the tailwaters of the south.

"I was born and raised near Knoxville Tennessee. This allowed me to grow up with wonderful places to play right in my own back yard. Countless miles of mountain streams and large, cold tailwaters provided endless playgrounds. I never realized how much those years of playing in the water would influence my adult life."

Jack Cummings 
Jack Cummings - Huntersville, North Carolina

I’ve been an avid fly fisher for about 30 years and a run-of-the-mill fly fisher all my life. When I was a kid we used what worked… crickets on a long cane pole, spinning gear, live bait, M-80’s and cherry bombs, fly rods… it didn’t matter as long as it produced.

Later as a manufacturers rep that traveled I fly fished to keep me out of lounges and hotel rooms during the evening rise. This is when fly fishing became way more than just fishing to me.

I’ve been tying for most of that 30 years, especially when I lived in Michigan with its long, cold winters. Since I became part of a human migration, this time to a saner climate a dozen years ago or so I tie to teach, fill my fly boxes and to exercise my creative side.

I am past President and founding member of the Carolina Fly Fishing Club and currently the VP of Education.

I am also an iFFF Certified Casting Instructor since 2004 and enjoy the sport and art of fly casting and sharing that with those who want to learn more about it and other casting geeks (Like Gary Jones) who like to learn off each other.

Rob Fightmaster 

Rob Fightmaster - Maryville, Tennessee

Rob Fightmaster is an independent, Orvis endorsed guide who has spent more than 20 years as a professional guide and fly tyer. He has tied commercially for a number of fly shops, including Little River Outfitters, and has developed original patterns for larger scale distributors.

While the locations and species for which he fishes and guides are numerous, Rob specializes in mountain trout and his fly tying demonstrations tend to reflect that – from contemporary originals to classic staples of Southern Appalachia.  

Clayton Gist 

Clayton Gist - Knoxville, Tennessee

Clayton has been tying flies for several decades and has taught fly tying classes in multiple locations in the Denver, CO area as well as in Logan, UT.

Locally he has participated as an instructor in several Clinch River Chapter of Trout Unlimited (TU) Fly Tying courses,  TU Trout Summer Camp at Tremont in Smoky Mountain National Park, Wounded Warriors Program and Project Healing Waters.

He grew up in the intermountain west, knows and loves many western rivers.

Presently he spends about 4 months a year on the San Juan River in Northern New Mexico.

Jack Gregory 

Jack Gregory – Walland, Tennessee

Jack Gregory’s grandfather moved his family from Cades Cove to Walland, Tennessee when Great Smoky Mountains National Park was formed.  His wife’s family lived in Cades Cove as well.  Jack held on to his ancestors love of the mountains and Jack became an accomplished hunter and fly fisherman at an early age.  He fly fished in the Smokies whenever he got the chance which was often throughout his younger days and he continues today.

He spent his vacations for years in Yellowstone National Park, for a month at a time, learning to fish the rivers there.  He has a keen sense of trout behavior and he can see fish better than anyone I know.  His primary targets here are large Smokies brown trout and smallmouth bass in the lowland rivers and lakes.  His saltwater adventures take him to Florida where he fly fishes for tarpon and redfish.  Other than wade fishing for trout in streams, his second love is catching permit in Belize. 

Jack is an excellent fly tyer.  He is the best fly fisherman I have ever fished with.  You will enjoy your time with Jack.


Paul Gruver 

Paul Gruver - Wake Forest, North Carolina

An avid fisherman since childhood, Paul began tying flies when he was about 10, but he didn't start fishing with them until many years later.  Today, he ties flies from a size 24 midge pupa for the tailwaters, to a size 2 Alaskabou for Alaskan salmon, and everything in between. 

Raised on the tradtional patterns espoused by Ray Bergman, though, his passion is for the traditional Catskill dries, classic wets, and the feather wing streamers that graced the fly boxes of fishermen in the 1950's and '60's.  Whatever he happens to be tying, though, Paul will always be happy to digress into his favorite Appalachian or Southern tailwater patterns.

Paul is a member of the IFFF Fly Tying Group.  He gives frequent fly tying demonstrations for various local organizations, and is often seen at regional fly fishing shows promoting youth fly tying, and membership in the IFFF.

Anthony Hipps

Photo by Bob Clouser


Anthony Hipps - Lexington, North Carolina

Anthony served as the FFF-SEC  President from 2009-2012.  In the past he has served the FFF-SEC on the board of directors, as show fly tying chairman, program show director and festival show chairman.  Anthony served on the FFF- Southeastern Council Board of Directors, taught many fly tying seminars and demonstrated fly tying at the FFF-SEC fly fishing festivals 1999-2012.  He has demonstrated fly tying at Troutfest and many other fly fishing shows. He is a professional speaker, tier and fly tying instructor. He has served as president, vice-president, fly tying instructor, Boy Scouts Merit Badge Coordinator and program chairman for his home fly fishing club, the Nat Greene Fly Fishers (TU/FFF affiliate) in Greensboro, NC.

Anthony has been nationally recognized for his spun deer-hair bass flies, smallmouth bass nymphs (the Hellcraw), saltwater streamers and especially his unique soft-bodied foam poppers, divers and sliders. In 2004 he was a featured fly tier on the Outdoor Life Network’s Fly Fish TV Magazine television program.  Fly Tyer Magazine has published five of Anthony’s articles on his unique flies, including the Hipps Soft-Bodied popper line of flies.   Anthony is proud to be a contributing author for Bob Clouser’s outstanding book, “Fly Fishing for Smallmouth in Rivers and Streams”. 

Tim Ivey 

Tim Ivey, Gainesville, Georgia

Tim Ivey has been tying flies for over thirty years. He spends approximately one hundred days a year fishing fresh and salt water in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Belize. Although Tim ties flies for a variety of species, his primary passion is tying patterns to target warm water sigh such as large and smallmouth bass, bluegill and carp. Tim is a member of the Peak Fishing, Whiting Farms, Flymen Fishing Company, Dr. Slick Tools and Native Watercraft pro teams. He participates in various fly tying demonstrations throughout the year for organizations such as The Federation of Fly Fishers and Trout Unlimited.

Tim also appears regularly at shop events including The Little River Outfitters Winter Fly Tying Event and Unicoi Outdoor Adventure Day in cooperation with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. His mission in participating is to help familiarize youth with fishing and the outdoors. Tim has a commercial fly tying business. Tim has been fly tying, for approximately thirty years and his flies are available through the web-sites and

Denise Jenkins 

Denise Jenkins - Oak Ridge, Tennessee

"I started fly fishing about a year ago. I took the beginners class at Little River Outfitters and have been hooked since! I usually fish the Clinch River but have also ventured out on the Holston River recently where I finally landed what to me was a “big one”.

My friend Stacy and I have started making jewelry using flies and we feel fortunate to be demonstrating at the Fly Tyers Weekend. We both took a fly tying class offered through the Clinch River Trout Unlimited Chapter. We are proud members and will soon become Board Members so we can become more active within the chapter. 

The fly fishing community has been so welcoming and I am happy to be part of it. I’ve participated in the local Kids Fish Free event as well as the Clinch River Cleanup and look forward to having a more active role.  

By day I'm a Civil Engineer in Oak Ridge ….. but secretly wish I could just be fishing :-)!"

Gary Jones 
Gary Jones - Sherril's Ford, North Carolina

I was a late starter and started fly fishing and tying flies in 1996 when I was about 50 years old, and as they say "The rest of my life was wasted".

Since then I have evolved into building graphite and bamboo fly rods, and tying warm, salt and cold water flies. I am an active member of both the FFF and TU, and am on the board of the Southeastern Council of the FFF.

I was introduced to tying woven flies by a good friend and fellow bamboo rod maker, Tony Spezio from Flippen , AR a few years ago and enjoy tying various woven dry fly patterns.

I have had the pleasure of tying at the Sowbug Roundup in Mt. Home AR for the last two years and look forward to joining you in Townsend.

David Knapp 
David Knapp - Crossville, Tennessee

David Knapp has been fly fishing the waters of east Tennessee for close to 20 years and tying for almost that long. Writing and photography is another interest of his and you can find out what David has been up to lately at

David is currently guiding on area waters, specializing in fishing the streams of the Smokies and the Caney Fork tailwater. Additionally, David has travelled extensively out west and has adjusted many western flies and strategies to suit the dictates of our eastern streams.

When not guiding, you will usually find David either tying flies or out fishing somewhere close to his home on the Cumberland Plateau.

Tyler Legg 

Tyler Legg - Kannapolis, North Carolina

Tyler grew up in western NC fishing the many rivers, lakes, and streams across the state. If there's fish to be caught, he's bound to be there to try his luck. He first picked up a fly rod at the age of 11 and the rest is history. Fly tying soon followed and Tyler found himself consumed with the art of tying flies.

Tyler was the primary writer for Tar Heel Fly Fishing, an NC based fly fishing blog, where he wrote about fishing in the Tar Heel State, provided fishing reports, etc. He has demonstrated at events such as Troutfest and the WNC Fly Fishing Expo.

Tradd Little 
Tradd Little - Greenville, South Carolina

Tradd Little is eleven years old and has been tying flies and fly fishing for approximately one year. He is entirely self-taught. He can tie any traditional pattern and has also created numerous patterns on his own, and they all catch fish. He ties everything from large streamers to tiny flies on hook sizes in the 20s.

In the short time Tradd has been tying, he has been invited to demonstrate as a featured fly tyer at more than a dozen fly fishing shows and various other events all over the Southeast. His first demonstration was at Little River Outfitters in December, 2013.

You can see pictures of a sampling of his flies and pattern recipes at

David MacBurnie 

David MacBurnie - Denver, North Carolina

Born 1942, Pittsburgh Pa.  Graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson University Teaneck New Jersey in 1965 with a Bachelor of Science in Business and a Minor in Statistics.  Married to Jean for 47 years. Have two children Sherry and Scott. Also have two grand children Christian and Miles.

Worked for Continental can / Crown Cork & Seal for forty-six years before retiring seven years ago. Started out as an inspector and ended up as World Wide Vice President of Quality Assurance / World Class Performance / Six Sigma. Spent twenty-five years with over seas venture startup group.

Developed a passion for fly-fishing and fly tying from my Dad when I was ten years old. I have been fly-fishing and fly tying for over sixty years. Started to tie and teach fly tying seriously seven years ago when I retired and moved to North Carolina.

I have had the privilege of learning fly-tying from Bob Clouser, Joe Humphreys, Dick Talleur, and Anthony Hipps.

As First Vice President of the Carolina Fly Fishing Club I have been active in teaching fly-tying to beginners and intermediate fly tiers. I have also demonstrated fly tying at International Federation Of Fly Fishers enclaves, Outdoor, Civic, Church, 4H and Boy Scout groups.

I am a member of the Carolina Fly Fishing Club, Trout Unlimited, International Federation Of Fly Fishers and the International Federation of Fishers Fly Tying Group.

My favorite fly is the Muddler Minnow but I enjoy tying all types of flies. I get great enjoyment in teaching a new beginner to tie a fly and seeing the end result.

I tied my first fully dressed salmon fly, a green highlander, fourteen years ago, which renewed my passion for fly tying. I treat fly tying as an art form. 

Shawn Madison 
Shawn Madison - Norris, Tennessee

A Clinch River, fly-fishing fanatic, Shawn Madison is also a passionate entrepreneur and experienced boat builder. Using his vast experience in design, engineering, and manufacturing in the boat building industry, Shawn is currently finalizing the production plan for a Southern Style Drift Boat.

An avid photographer, fly-tyer, and inventor, he also maintains The Clinch River, TN Facebook page that promotes one of the East Tennesseeís greatest resources.

His goal is to help promote the sport of fly-fishing, increase conservation, and to help others find the joy of tricking trout.

Watch for his current project soon, a book titled Find the Joy of Fly Fishing.

Stacey Mcdaniel 
Stacy Mcdaniel - Oak Ridge, Tennessee

I am originally from Cincinnati Ohio I met my husband in 1995 and have been married for 17 years. I have always liked the outdoors and fishing but never had an opportunity to explore what was out there until we moved to Oak Ridge, TN in 2005.

I've always fresh and saltwater fished but never tried fly fishing until I met my friend Denise. In the past year I have learned so much about fly fishing and have met some really great people. I took the fly tying class through The Clinch River Trout Unlimited Chapter, volunteered for the local kids fish free day at Millers Island and helped with the Clinch River water clean up. I am a proud member of Trout Unlimited and soon to be a Board Member.

I have fished the Clinch River and a few times on the Holston River. I've not caught many trout but enjoy learning about the sport and improving my skills. We are very excited about getting to demonstrate our jewelry making at the Fly Tiers Weekend. It is truly an honor to be part of such a great event.

Allen McGee 

Allen McGee - Atlanta, Georgia

Allen McGee is a fly fishing writer, fly designer and photographer from Georgia. His specialties are imitating nymphs, emergers and adults with soft-hackles both tying and fishing them.

He is the author of the book Tying & Fishing Soft-Hackled Nymphs and has written numerous articles for fly fishing magazines.

When he is not fly tying he is out stream testing his wet flies on both eastern and western U.S. and sometimes international trout streams. 

Jack Patterson 

Jack Patterson - Greensboro, North Carolina

I started tying flies in the fall of 1972.  I was a sophomore at Western Carolina University and living a stone’s throw away from the Tuckaseegie River.  I started tying to save money, but as most fly tiers know you probably don’t save any money.  The first book I read on tying and fishing was Selective Trout by Swisher and Richards.  After that I was hooked.  When I wasn’t playing baseball or studying, I was tying flies.  A year later I met a local tier who had been teaching fly tying at the local technical school.  He was unable to teach the next session and asked me if I would be interested in teaching.  I agreed.  The guys taking the class really didn’t need instructing, they just needed a new audience for their fishing stories.  I am sure I learned more from them than they did from me.

To earn extra money for graduate school, I began to tie commercially for four stores.  I met some great people, but it made fly tying more of a job than a hobby.  After graduating and relocating, I decided that commercial tying was not for me.

My new home was Hendersonville, NC.  Not a bad place to be if you are a trout fisherman.  I claimed the Davidson River as my home water and fished it nearly every weekend.  After 3 years in Hendersonville, a career change and new job brought me to Greensboro, NC.

I didn’t tie flies for many years as I was raising a family and concentrating on a career.  My fly tying stuff went in storage and the mountain streams seemed a distant past.  I started trout fishing again when my kids were teenagers.  By then, I figured that they wouldn’t drown wading around in a trout stream.  I had to resume tying to keep up with the demand three youngsters put on my supply of flies.
Since they have all left home and are on their own, I tie just for the joy of tying.  Occasionally, I will tie a few flies to donate to our TU/FFF banquet, but mostly now I just tie for myself.   I have come full circle.
Jack Patterson

Lifetime TU Member
Nat Greene Chapter

Josh Pfeiffer 

Josh Pfeiffer – Maryville, Tennessee

Josh grew up fishing the rivers and lakes in East Tennessee.  He started his guiding career at Blackberry Farm then ventured out on his own as an independent guide.  He spent much of his early guiding career in Great Smoky Mountains National Park targeting trout.

Later he added smallmouth bass to his list of options for clients.  He takes some smallie guests to Little River where they float in his raft.  More often than not, he floats clients down the lower tailwaters in our area in his drift boat.  Josh made a name for himself as a smallmouth bass guide.  Anglers travel here from long distances just to smallmouth fish with Josh.

His smallmouth patterns are deadly and when he opens his fly boxes you can see he spends a lot of time developing new flies that catch fish.

I have fished with Josh many times and learned from each experience.  We have had 100 fish days, twice this year.  Josh also teaches beginner fly fishing at Little River Outfitters.  He is a great guy who you will enjoy meeting and sharing his enthusiasm.


Larry Rogers 

Larry Rogers - Knoxville, Tennessee

Fly fishing did not come into my life until I was 45 years old. I had been spending most of my time running a lumber company in Knoxville for the past several years. Then one day Elaine and I was driving back to Knoxville from Gatlinburg via Townsend. As we drove along Little River I saw a fisherman in the river fly fishing. We stopped to watch for a while both of us decided that’s something we would like to do. The next week, I bought two pairs of hip boots and two fly rods. After that, two good friends helped me get started, Joe Brownlee & Hal Deatherage.

As I shopped for flies, I realized I didn’t know what any of the names meant. I didn’t know which ones were supposed to float on the surface or which ones were supposed to sink. While at “The Creel” one day I signed up for a series of fly tying lessons on Tuesday nights. Dean Campbell was the instructor and I went to every class in that series. Dean is a great teacher. He made learning fun. And I did learn the difference between “dry’s” and “nymphs”. Through the years I have picked up a lot of techniques and tips from friends and acquaintances. Scott Rogers at The Creel was always ready demonstrate a “tie” for me.

My favorite and most useful fly I tie, I stole from Mike Bone. The “Bead Head Pheasant Tail”. There are two important things about this fly: 1. It catches fish. And 2. It’s a simple tie, and I’m all about simplicity. I don’t leave home without this fly.

I don’t tie fly’s every night, but I tie a lot. Fly Tying is another dimension of Fly Fishing that I enjoy.

Scott Sanchez 

Scott Sanchez - Jackson, Wyoming

Scott started fly fishing and fly tying at the age of 12.  He grew up in Salt Lake City and tried his self-taught flyfishing skills on the trout of the Wasatch front.  Fortunately, these fish were forgiving of novice abilities. 

At 14 he taught his first fly tying class.  He has worked in the fly fishing industry for over twenty years.  This includes being assistant manager at Jack Dennis Sports, wholesale manager at Dan Bailey's, tying flies commercially, helping with video and book production for Snake River Books, guiding, consulting work for Dan Bailey's, working at the Austin Angler and being the Texas rep for Scott Rods.  Scott is a member of the Scott Rods Pro Staff, and is the fly tying columnist for American Angler

He is featured in the video "Understanding Fly Tying Materials" and has done fly tying demonstrations as well as slide shows, fly tying and flyfishing instruction.  He has written articles and sold photos to American and Japanese publications, and his flies have been featured in many books and magazines. His photos have won regional and national awards. 

Scott’s books Introduction to Saltwater Fly Tying and A New Generation of Trout Flies are highly acclaimed and are a welcome addition to angling literature, and in his third book, a fly tying tribute, A Never Ending Stream Scott provides the text, photos and illustrations to tell the stories.  Scott has been the featured guide on many national TV programs.  He has been around the One Fly Contest since the beginning and his Double Bunny has won the prestigious event three times.  Scott is in demand at One Fly time for his bombproof flies. 

Many consider him to one of the more innovative tyers.  He has thirty years of experience fishing the Greater Yellowstone area.  He has fly fished for numerous species in Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Florida, Missouri, Tennessee, Texas, California, the Virgin Islands, Hawaii, Brazil, Belize, and France.

Brad Sprinkle 
Brad Sprinkle - Marshall, North Carolina

I have taught high school Drafting and Technology for the past sixteen years. Before that I received degrees in Tool Design and Manufacturing Engineering Technology.

This background has always driven me to want to know what things are made of and what materials could be successfully substituted for them. Also I’m somewhat of a pack rat when it comes to my fly tying bench.

The idea of ‘Trash Flies’ has developed from noticing all the stuff we throw away in society and wondering is it truly trash or just waiting for someone to say ‘that would make a cool _____?’

Gary Troutman 
Gary Troutman - Seymour, Tennessee

Fly fishing about 20 years, tying about 15 years. I love flyfishing for Smallmouth Bass and Redbreast sunfish primarily , but really enjoy fishing small streams for brook trout also. I enjoy tying with craft foam and making poppers with foam tubes. My favorite way to fly fish is from a canoe out on a river wading the shoals in the early mornings.

Editor's Note: I have been learning to fish for smallmouth bass with a fly rod for 6 years. Gary is one of a handful of people I get much of my information from. To me, he is an expert. I tie and use his foam patterns and they work. He knows lots of tricks I would never have thought of. He is one of the most respected river smallmouth fishermen in our area and he is always willing to share what he knows with everyone.


Jeff Wilkins 

Jeff Wilkins - Summerfield, North Carolina

Fishing has been something I have enjoyed for over 40 years now. In addition, I have enjoyed flyfishing for the past 30 years, and professionally for 27. I am a Federation of Fly Fishers Certified Fly Casting Instructor, and have taught fly fishing and fly tying curriculums at both the University of North Carolina Greensboro and Guilford Technical Community College. Both schools for the past several years have offered a great medium in which to share skills with others. In the past 27 years I have taught hundreds of people to cast a fly rod, and today it remains one of the most enjoyable things I do.

Fly tying is a passion of mine as well, as I believe that sometimes the fly is what makes the difference. Frequently I tie commercially for sale or hire, and I do lots of special orders. My specialty is flies for tough, selective trout, especially emergers and nymphs. Some of my favorite patterns are published, most recently in Trout Flies of the East by Ted Leeson and Jim Schollmeyer. I also tied the flies for the commemorative print of Charles Kuralt, painted by Bob Timberlake, entitled Kuralt at Whites Creek.

I guide anglers for all species of trout here in the East (brown, brook, rainbow), smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, musky, and all species of panfish. I guide the waters of Western and NW NC, SW Virginia, and East Tennessee. I spend a good deal of time guiding and floating the TN tailwaters South Holston and Watauga, and have for over 25 years, and the New River for smallmouth bass for about the same time.

I work each August in Wyoming running two wilderness camps doing backcountry excursions up to 20 miles in by horseback and guiding anglers to wild cutthroats in the rivers and streams and high mountain/alpine lakes in and around Turpin Meadows in the Bridger Teton Wilderness.

I have fished and guided the Southeastern and Rocky Mountain areas of the west and have extensive experience in fishing and tying flies for each. As a part of my work, I am also an artist, and enjoy doing pen and ink renditions of my favorite flies.



Josh Williams 

Josh Williams – Roanoke, Virginia

Directly after high school Josh joined the Army as an infantry soldier.  In 2004 he was deployed to Iraq for 13 months and served as an automatic rifleman. He became a squad leader upon returning to Ft. Hood, TX in 2005.  In 2006 he was riding his motorcycle to guard duty when a teenager ran a stop sign and hit him.  He broke three bones in his back, shattered his femur and ankle, and lost his right arm just above the elbow.  Josh was sent to Walter Reed Army Medical Center once he was stable enough to fly.  During his 10 month stay at the hospital he met Ed Nicholson (PHWFF founder) and John Bass.  They introduced Josh to Project Healing Waters (PHWFF).  PHWFF is an organization that teaches disabled veterans how to cast, fly fish, and tie flies as a form of mental and physical therapy.  At first, he wanted nothing to do with fly fishing.  They were persistent, and got him out on the water soon after.  Josh fell in love with fly fishing after catching his first trout on a fly rod.  This opened the door and gave him the confidence to try other things he thought he could no longer do like hunting, tying his shoes, and more recently, changing diapers!  He medically retired from the Army as a Staff Sergeant. Upon returning home to Roanoke, VA, Josh assisted in starting a PHWFF chapter based at the Salem VA hospital.  They offer casting, fishing, and fly tying there.  On their first fly tying event, Josh made the decision to try to tie his first fly so not to look hypocritical when trying to get the other vets to participate.  He instantly fell in love.  Shortly after, Josh start his own company, Dead Drift Flies, tying flies. Later, he added a blog, guiding services and gear to his company and changed the name to Dead Drift Outfitters. Orvis picked up a fly that Josh originated in 2011 (Josh’s White Lightning) and an additional original in 2013 (Josh’s Wiggle Hellgrammite). This December, Josh will graduate from Old Dominion University with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Technology. It has been 7 years of going to school part time while working a full time job at Aecom and his fly fishing business. Josh’s and his always supportive wife Lisa have a 3 year old daughter, Emma Jo, and an 8 month old son, Wyatt. God is good!


Steve Yates 
Steve Yates - Fayetteville, North Carolina

Steve is a North Carolina native who grew with a love for the out doors. He has been an been a life long hunter, camper, hiker, backpacker, as well as fishing for just about anything that swims. I am an avid bird watcher, wild flower enthusiast, and lover of the local flora and fauna. Steve specializes in trout fishing and tying flies for catching trout in the Southern Appalachians.

He can often be found camping and fishing on one of his favorite streams in the Great Smoky Mountain National park, or on one of the regions freestone or tail waters. He enjoys tying and fishing old historic patterns of the region and is well versed in their history, and the rich history of the Southern Appalachian region that he has fished for almost 50 years.

Steve enjoys working with and teaching new fly fishermen and tiers the craft through numerous programs. Steve writes for several regional news letters and enjoys doing numerous fly tying demonstrations for local events and charities such as Troutfest, WNC Expo, The Fly Fishing Show, Easter Seals, Wounded Warriors, TU, FFF, and Casting for Recovery. See him at the show about any events you might like to have him do a quest appearance. Bring your kid by and let me help them tie their first fly!

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