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Rob and a young student with his first trout.

Dad and his son, students at a beginner class.

A casting instructor helps a student

Students learning to cast

Beginner Fly Fishing Classes at Little River Outfitters

According to research done in 2012, 16% of the population in the United States participate in fishing.  Fishing has the most participation of any sport in America.  Research also shows that fishing participation is growing again after years of decline.  What is really interesting to us is, newcomers to the sport of fishing are most interested in fly fishing.  Fly fishing is helping to rejuvenate outdoor activities especially among young people and women. 

Though fly fishing has been around for centuries, and popular in the United States since the early 1800’s, the total people who fly fish are only a fraction of the fishing population here.  Finally, that number is growing.

Fly fishing is seeping in tradition.  It is a sport that is easy to do and actually catch trout, bass or bluegill. It takes time to learn.  You learn something new every time you go. You can make it simple or make it complicated.  It's up to you. Information is endless. There has been more written about fly fishing than any other sport. Fly fishing is all over the internet.

We can help cut the learning curve.       

You have always wanted to learn to fly fish.  Maybe you saw someone fly fishing in one of the beautiful streams in Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  It could be you saw a commercial on television or a movie.  Fly fishing is a sport that has been practiced for hundreds of years.  The sport came here from England.  In the United States it started in New York.  It grew down the Southern Appalachian mountains then eventually to the West.  But fly fishing is more than a sport.  It is a tradition that tantalizes the imagination and urges you to learn more.  People who fly fish are thinkers, they read and they enjoy the outdoors.  They love the water.

Now you can get started on the journey at the Little River Outfitters School. You can get your start right here in East Tennessee in the Great Smoky Mountains.

Beginner Fly Fishing Day 1

This is our original class, the one that we became known for. Hundreds of people got their fly fishing start by taking this class. It's the primer, it gets you started casting correctly and it's fun. It's a great way to begin.

This class is taught by Walter Babb and Rob Fightmaster. You'll start the day in our classroom. There you will get an understanding about equipment, and learn about trout streams, what trout eat, selecting flies, and learn the knots needed on the stream. Throughout the day you will move outside to learn fly casting. Fly casting requires special knowledge and understanding the movements of your casting arm and the fly rod and our instructors know how to give you that knowledge. You'll break for a catered lunch in the classroom and we'll pick up the tab. We will furnish all equipment except sunglasses and a rain jacket.

Cost of this class: $125.
Class Size:
8 Students with 2 instructors
Class Begins @ 9:00 am

Beginner Fly Fishing Day 2

Day 2 is exciting. You are wading out in a stream in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, casting a fly to trout with your favorite instructor close by. Day 2 is taught by Rob Fightmaster and Josh Pfeiffer who are trained instructors and fly fishing guides. Today you will learn where trout live in the streams, how to cast to them, how to get a good drift and how to wade safely. You will be treated to a streamside lunch and lots of information to help you become a successful fly fisher. We provide all equipment except polarized sunglasses, a rain jacket and your fishing license.

Cost of this class: $125.
Class Size:
6 Students with 2 instructors
Class Begins @ 9:30 am

Private or Group Instruction

We also offer our Beginner Fly Fishing Course as a one-day, private instruction. This course delivers some of the same information, instructions and techniques as the 2-day course but not nearly as much casting practice or time on the stream. For a single student to a maximum of 3, being a group of friends or family, we are able to provide you with an abbreviated version of our 2-day course.

The Private Instruction is offered on weekdays. All equipment and lunch will be provided by us. We will be in the Shop classroom and out on the lawn until after lunch and then have some time on the stream, working on the techniques we have learned.  Please call the shop for pricing information and to schedule your private instruction.

Call 865-448-9459

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