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This category, on our online store is dedicated to fly fishing for smallmouth bass.  Fly fishing for this species is not wide spread, but it is a passion for some, including me and many of my friends and customers. 

This category is divided into two sub-categories, tackle and flies. 

The tackle section contains only the gear I use personally and highly recommend.  The rods and reels I choose for my own use are not the most expensive tackle available.  I chose them because of performance & value.  I fly fishing in boats, canoes and kayaks, sometimes in very deep water.  There is always the chance, I can drop a rod and reel overboard, never to be found again.  I choose to use less expensive tackle, but rods and reels that perform extremely well.  There are other items in this category I use, for a particular reason I will explain if you click on that piece of gear.

The smallmouth bass fly section is a compilation of flies selected by me, Josh Pfeiffer and Dan Munger.  Josh is a smallmouth bass and trout guide, with vast knowledge of smallie fishing.  He is an expert.  I work with Dan.  He is an avid and very accomplished warmwater fly fisherman.  I consider Dan an expert.  I have a passion for fly fishing for smallmouth bass.  My wife Paula and I fly fish for smallies whenever we can and have for years.

Hit the “Go to Tackle” or “Go To Flies” buttons, then browse through the stuff we love and use.  We are still building the fly selection page.

Byron Begley
Townsend, Tennessee


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