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  Byron's Knucklehead Bass Fly

Byron's Knucklehead Bass Fly 



Byronís Knucklehead Bass Fly

Byronís Knucklehead Bass Fly was developed in 2011 and tested in 2012. Several hundred were sold that year and reports from anglers were astounding. Not only does this fly perform extremely well for smallmouth bass, which it was designed for, anglers told stories about catching trout, large bluegill, shellcrackers and largemouth bass. It far exceeded our expectations.

Made similar to Kent Edmondís Stealth Bomber, the Knucklehead was designed to be fished differently. This fly works best just floating in the current of rivers or laying still in lakes. Sometimes a twitch will entice a smallmouth bass. But normally, if the smallie does not react soon after the fly hits the water, it is time to pick it up and cast to another location nearby.

One thing you will notice immediately is, this is a 3 Dimensional Popper. The body has texture, lines, a little flash and eyes that protrude out from the body. Byron's Knucklehead does not hit hard on the water like most poppers made this large. It causes just enough noise to get the fish to notice it. Then, due to the detail of the profile after close inspection, the bass often take this fly as a real meal. They work.

Byronís Knucklehead was created for fishing in rivers with current. The double layer of foam allows the fly to ride high and be visible to the fisherman. The pearl Krystal Flash wing is there so you can see the fly. It turns out, the fly works equally well in lakes or ponds. This fly is tied on a Gamakatsu B10 S #6 extra sharp stinger hook. Adhesive is applied during the tying process for durability. Available in Black, Chartreuse and Yellow. Made in the United States of America.


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Byron\'s Knucklehead Bass Fly in Black and Chartreuse.

Byron\'s Knucklehead Bass Fly showing underside.

Byron's Knucklehead Bass Fly in White and Yellow.



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