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  Kent's Stealth Bomber Bass Fly

Kent's Stealth Bomber Bass Fly 



Kentís Stealth Bomber Bass Fly

Kentís Stealth Bomber has become one of the most popular warmwater bass flies in our area. They are deadly for smallmouth and largemouth bass in lakes, ponds and rivers. Kent Edmonds, the inventor/designer is a guide in Georgia. He developed this fly over a period of several years, making subtle changes along the way. That is how good flies come along, trial, error and the experience of a guide who desires to make the perfect fly. This may be it. Kent designed this fly for shoal bass, largemouth bass and smallmouth bass.

You can tell by looking at the Stealth Bomber, it is not like any other bass fly. First, it could be a popper and it is. Also, it looks like a diver and it is. The Stealth Bomber looks like a streamer, and it is. One performance factor by design, you may not have noticed, is the foam loop behind the head. That may be the most important feature. That loop pulls air and forms bubbles behind the fly when it is stripped. That drives bass crazy. Those long colored legs may be another reason for this flyís success.

We buy these from Rainyís Flies, long known for attention to detail, quality and durability. This fly is tied on a #6 Gamakatsu B10S extra sharp hook. If you fish for any species of bass, these flies, in all three colors should be in your vest or boat box. Available in Black, Chartreuse


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Kent's Stealth Bomber #6 Black Bass Fly

Kent's Stealth Bomber #6 Chartreuse Bass Fly showing underside.



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