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  Neversink Caddis
Neversink Caddis 



Neversink Caddis

For twelve or so years, our best selling dry fly was a Parachute Adams. That has changed. Over the past few years, our best selling dry fly is a yellow #16 Neversink Caddis. In the late Spring, all through the Summer and into the early Fall, this fly performs. There are reasons for this happening.

In the Great Smoky Mountains, the best color for catching trout, especially during the Summer is yellow. The locals know it. One of the most famous flies in the Smokies is a Yellowhammer. Yellow is a productive color in the Smokies because of the long season and prevalent population of the Yellow Sally Stonefly. She appears in the Spring, hangs around during the Summer and often into the Fall. Trout in the Smoky Mountains are used to seeing yellow and associating that color with food. Pretty simple.

There are lots of yellow dry flies that look like a Yellow Sally Stonefly. The Neversink Caddis is not designed to be a stonefly. The trout donít know it. It fools them every time. There are times when other Yellow Sally patterns work as good or maybe better than the Neversink Caddis. But, there are other reasons this fly sells so well.

Many anglers would think the word Neversink refers to a river in the Catskills of New York. Maybe it does. To us, Neversink means it floats well and it does. The body is made from closed cell foam and it floats like a cork. Also, and no less important, this fly is easy to see by us, the anglers, straining to find our fly in the current as the sun goes down. Seeing is catching. If you canít see your dry fly you probably wonít catch trout. There are many reasons we rank this fly #1 during the Summer. Buy this fly if you are a Smokies angler. They work throughout all the Appalachians as well. The #16 is the best seller because it is close to the size of the Yellow Sally Stonefly.

The Neversink Caddis is also tied in other colors, including orange, chartreuse and tan. We stock those too in size #16, the most popular size. A caddis fly is one of the best searching patterns for trout, about anywhere you fish. We stock the #16 Neversink in these four colors. You can use them anywhere you fish for trout and want a pattern that mimics the caddis or small stonefly while using a fly that floats well and is easily seen.

The Neversink Caddis is a fly you will want to have in your fly box. Available is size #16 in Yellow, Tan, Orange or Chartreuse. Give them a try, they perform well, very well.


Little River Outfitters is a fly shop and mail order company located in Townsend, Tennessee, a gateway to Great Smoky Mountains National Park. We have been family owned since 1994.

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Neversink Caddis in Chartreuse and Yellow

Neversink Caddis in Tan and Orange


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