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  Little River Outfitters :: Fly Lines :: Scientific Anglers Mastery GPX Weight Forward Fly Line

  Scientific Anglers Mastery GPX Weight Forward Fly Line
Scientific Anglers Mastery GPX Weight Forward Fly Line 



Scientific Anglers Mastery GPX Weight Forward Fly Line

The Scientific Anglers GPX Fly Line our best selling premium fly lines over the past few years. Our sales numbers on this fly line are staggering. Anglers love this line because it is ˝ line size heavy. So, a 5 Weight is actually a 5 ˝ Weight line. This slight difference in weight allows you to load faster rods slightly easier. But it does not have a short heavy head that crashes on the water upon delivery. The GPX is perfect for trout and smallmouth bass. The GPX has all the Scientific Anglers upgraded technology such as AST, Streamlined Loop, Dry Tip and SA ID. The GPX weight forward line comes in three colors but not every color is available in every weight. You can click on the selection boxes below. If a fly line is not available in a combination of color and weight, you will see a message indicating just that. Make another color choice if that happens. For instance, the Willow color line is only available in sizes 4 through 6.


Half-size heavy, performs well with fast action rods.

Front Tip Section has Improved Floatation (Dry Tip Technology)

Taper designed to throw a variety of fly sizes

Optimized for cold to Temperate Water

Braided Multifilament Core, Low Stiffness, Moderate Delivery

Textured Line Surface - The Textured Fly Lines represent a fusion of their traditional Mastery series and the Sharkskin series. Precisely replicated hemispherical divots, similar to those found on a golf ball’s surface, allow the line to outperform conventional fly lines. This derivative of the wildly successful Sharkskin series have less texture on its surface so it feels like a traditional fly line but performs like a Sharkskin. The result is a line that lasts longer, floats higher, casts easier and most importantly, fishes better.

AST (Advanced Shooting Technology) - Scientific Anglers’ patented dry slick technology sets the standards for slickness. Advanced Shooting Technology (AST) Fly Line provides continual line slickness allowing the line to shoot farther as it moves virtually friction-free through the guides. AST fly lines easily shed dirt, algae and other parasitic drag particles allowing them to cast farther, float higher and stay cleaner than traditional lines.

Dry Tip Technology - Scientific Anglers’ Dry Tip Technology gives your tip super high floatation. Sinking tips is a common complaint from anglers. Not this line.

SA ID - Scientific Anglers Line Identification is a result of their lab’s mission to continually improve their fly lines. SA ID is an innovative line marking system allowing you to identify your lines at a glance.

Streamlined Loops - Exceptionally slick and strong, SA’s welded Streamlined Loops produce smoother casts and easier turnover with a seamless fly-line-to-loop transition making for softer landings and cleaner pickups. The sleek design also maintains buoyancy for improved fly line floatation.


Little River Outfitters is a fly shop and mail order company located in Townsend, Tennessee, a gateway to Great Smoky Mountains National Park. We have been family owned since 1994.


Price: $74.95

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Scientific Anglers Mastery Fly Line Feature Logos - AST, Streamlined Loop, Dry Tip and SA ID.

Scientific Anglers Mastery GPX Weight Forward Fly Line Specifications Table

Scientific Anglers SA ID System and Instructions For Using Streamlined Loops


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