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  Little River Outfitters :: Flies :: Warmwater Flies :: Carp Flies :: Puglisi Micro Threadfin Shad #2

  Puglisi Micro Threadfin Shad #2
Puglisi Micro Threadfin Shad #2 



Puglisi Micro Threadfin Shad #2

The Puglisi Micro Threadfin Shad #2 is only 1.5 long. On some lakes and tailwaters in the Southeast United States, threadfin shad do not get much larger than this imitation. Those waters are usually lacking in nutrients and plankton. In more fertile waters, this size represents a young of the year baitfish. Either way, gamefish are going to be keyed in on these small threadfin shad.

The threadfin shad is a southern baitfish. They can be found in the Cumberland River in Kentucky, east to the Southern Appalachians, west to Oklahoma and to the south. This is one of the most important baitfish for trout, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, white bass and other gamefish found in these waters. That is especially true in Tennessee.

I have successfully caught large gamefish on these small minnow patterns for years. This is the only size I use all year in the lake I fish on the most. I do use larger sizes on more fertile lakes. But more often than not, Ill be using the Micro size.

You can cast this fly with a 5 weight fly rod if you want to. It is very light compared to the Puglisi Perfect Shad which is tied on a heavier hook. This fly is one of my 5 Go To smallmouth bass flies. I would not be fishing on a lake or tailwater without some of these. They work that well.

I dont know of a more realistic baitfish pattern than one tied with Enrico Puglisi EP fibers like this one. We actually buy these flies from Enrico Puglisi, add the black dot and a chartreuse tail and there you have it, a Threadfin Shad.

Threadfin Shad are filter feeders. They eat plankton. Plankton is light sensitive. But, when the sun gets low in the evenings, the plankton rises to the surface. The threadfin shad follow the plankton. The trout and bass follow the shad. Then, you have fishing in the jumps. Bass or trout attack these shad schools. You may also see this occur early in the morning before the plankton and shad move into deeper water. Fishing the jumps with a good baitfish pattern on a lightweight fly rod is a lot of fun.

This fly is also excellent for fishing the banks near structure in the fall. Keep one of these tied on in case your buddy hooks a smallmouth bass that regurgitates the shad it has been eating. Other smallies chase the fish and eat the shad it spit up. You can drop this shad imitation in that location near the boat and you may very well hook up with another smallmouth bass. It happens to us fairly often. That is fun to watch.

This fly is one of my top picks. I suggest you buy some.

Byron Begley


Little River Outfitters is a fly shop and mail order company located in Townsend, Tennessee, a gateway to Great Smoky Mountains National Park. We have been family owned since 1994.


Price: $3.70


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Puglisi Micro Threadfine Shad #2


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