Townsend, Tennessee
January 3, 2010

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  It is sunny, clear and very cold.  We spent the last few days with some friends high on a mountain in Wears Valley.  I’m pretty sure the temperature up there was in single digits this morning when I left.  It was 12 degrees in the valley.  I crossed Little River and the pool above the bridge was frozen over completely.  This cold front is way below normal for this time of year.  The Weather Service is predicting lows around 11 to 14 degrees here at night for a few days. 

I noticed some of the higher mountains this morning were covered with snow.  From here I don’t see any white mountains right now.  We got about an inch where we were night before last. 

Some people went fishing yesterday.  Caleb caught six rainbows on the Middle Prong and suspected they were stocked fish that moved upstream from Townsend.  The high today is supposed to be 27 degrees.  I guess you could go fishing.  A lot of local fly fishermen have switched to spinning rods so they don’t have to wade.  Try big nymphs like a Girdle bug, Prince or Yuk Bug.  Streamers might work.  Try Clouser Minnow.  Get them all down on the bottom.  Do not fall in!

Paula and I have cable TV but I don’t watch it.  I do listen to CNN and Fox News at night on the TV but rarely actually watch unless a really interesting story is unfolding.  But this week it has been cold, we rented a six bedroom mansion and the guys spent a lot of time in the game room shooting pool on the first level.  We had a huge TV by my standards and it pretty much stayed on the Outdoor Channel. Yesterday afternoon, Jack, Ronnie and I played pool most of the day and watched this channel.  

I have never seen the Outdoor Channel and we get it at home. 

The programming switched from hunting to fishing and the shows were all well done and continuous.  I can’t wait to find it on my TV at home in the Fishing Room. You probably know all about this but it’s new to me.

One particular show caught my attention.  A well known professional and conventional tackle bass fisherman spent a couple of days with an avid fly fisherman.  They were fishing bass lakes in Texas.  The conventional tackle guy was funny, very witty and made fun of the fly fisherman.  He talked about the swish, swish, swish sound of the fly line and bobbed his head up and down as if to avoid being hooked in the ear.  He complained that his buddy was always hooked into something with his fly that wasn’t a fish.  We all know about that.  Making fun of the fly fisherman was hilarious to me.  He was right, we are a little different from most fishermen. 

But, in the end guess who caught the most fish?  The fly fisherman.  Actually the fly angler caught about four times as many bass.  The largest fish caught was a 20 pound carp.  Yep, the fly fisherman caught that too.

The conventional tackle guy tried fly fishing.  All he needed was some practice.  He is an excellent angler.  With a fly rod he would be deadly.  I can’t help but look at shows like this from a business perspective.  That show would arouse the curiosity of any fisherman about the sport of fly fishing.  And any poking at our sport by the conventional tackle guy was done with humor and it provoked thought. We may see more tournament bass anglers using long rods. 

I was talking to a customer the other day who asked me to go fishing with him this Spring on a local lake.  Evidently he knows a lot more about that body of water than I do and he would be a fun guy to spend the day with.  I told him I would love to go when it warms up.  He told me I would need to leave my fly rod at home.  That’s OK with me, I still want to go.  So, I guess I’m in the market for a new spinning outfit.  I wonder if I can still cast one.  A few decades have gone by since I tried that.  I’m up for the challenge with an open mind. 

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
January 3, 2009



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