Townsend, Tennessee - Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  It is raining and 49 degrees in Townsend this morning.  When I left home to drive to work it was still dark.  I took a LED flashlight to the river at the swinging bridge to take the temperature.  When it was ready I turned on the flashlight and tried to read my thermometer.  The glare made it impossible.  Finally, I think I got a reading.  I’m going to state that the water is 48 degrees right now.  There was an inordinate amount of traffic on the roads, especially to be that early. I don’t know what’s going on.  Steve’s Parkway Grocery was packed.  Steve was there and probably has been since 6 am.

I’ve been locked up working on the website for days.  I did not talk to any anglers yesterday who were returning from the Smoky Mountains.  My guess is, the conditions are excellent, especially for January.  We are getting rain but not too much.  Tomorrow the high temperature will be in the mid to high 50’s with sunshine.  Then on Wednesday the temperature will probably reach 60 and it will rain again.  We are experiencing Spring-like conditions.  The fun will be over on Thursday night.  Expect a low of 25 degrees and maybe some snow.

If you go fishing today start with nymphs.  I would use a large stonefly, crayfish, hellgrammite or maybe a sculpin streamer.  I would use 10 pound tippet and try to catch a large trout.  It is going to be overcast all day and we’ll get some rain.  If you are not trying to target large fish use smaller nymphs and get them down deep.  You could see some blue wing olives on the water and trout would surely be eating them.  So watch for that.

I knew it, they are going to be generating at Norris Dam all day, full blast.  What is the problem?  The lake is down. You might find some opportunities on the Holston or South Holston today.  Check the TVA website links on the left of this page to be sure before you go.

Smallmouth bass fishing in the East Tennessee lowland rivers might be fairly good.  Some bass have been caught.  Nobody has said the fishing is hot.  Anglers are not talking about it. 

Musky fishing is supposed to be picking up according to one guide I know in Middle Tennessee.  Customers are talking about fly fishing for Musky this year, more than ever before.  That is something I want to get into when I get over the smallmouth bass phase I’m in.  That has to be a blast!

Walter Babb will be tying at the shop on Saturday.  He is an excellent fly tyer, probably the best I know.  Just plan on being here between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm.  The demonstration is free.  Just show up.  You will be amazed.

I had to move out of my office and into Daniel’s office.  Our firewall is giving us trouble. It is working but slowing down our internet connection.   So this computer is hooked up directly to our T-1 line.  I’m getting some incredible speed since this is the only computer it is servicing.  But, there is a lot of noise in my work spot and heat too.  The T-1 box makes the most noise.  It is about 3 feet away.  Our server is also next to me.  I could touch it without moving my chair.  It is noisy too.  The server is not hooked up to the internet right now until the firewall is replaced.  I hope that gets done this week.  My iMac does not make any noise, thankfully.  My laptop is next to the iMac.  It is hooked up to the server so I can get item numbers to enter into the web pages of our online catalog.  It has a fan too.  My working conditions stink and I’m sitting here about 10 hours a day completely re-building and designing our website.  Then I go home and tweak the website on my “Home Mac” which is actually faster than the one I have here and it has a 27” monitor. This one has a 24 incher. At night I review pages and make graphic changes.  I hope this job will be done in two months.  It may take three.  I also plan on working 7 days a week until this is done.

Then, I’m going fishing. I am going to fish, and fish and fish.  I am going to wear out the smallmouth bass this Spring.  Jack and I are already talking about it.  I think he is as excited as me.  And, he caught a 30+ inch brown in Little River this Winter.  If I did that I would stay home and take naps.  I would tell people, “The last time I went fishing I caught a 30 inch brown.”  Not Jack.  He can’t get enough fishing.  I have never known anyone who likes to fish as much as Jack.  Buzz Buffington might come close.

Jack’s wife Donna gave him a Fishpond Cloudburst Gear bag for Christmas.  I was here when she picked it out.  There was something on that bag I forgot about.  It has “Gunnel Hooks”.  I am going to buy one of those bags.  I can hook it on the gunnel of our boat right next to me.  I won’t have to bend over and get my tackle off the floor.  All of my gear will be right next to me.  I can’t believe I did not notice this feature.  I have typed that description several times on our website.  Of all the stuff in our store, that is the only thing I really want, I mean REALLY want.  I want some other stuff too.

It is daylight now.  The mountains look beautiful.  Puffs of fog are scattered across the landscape.  If you can get away, try fishing the Smokies this week before Friday.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
January 9, 2012 

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