Townsend, Tennessee - Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  It is cloudy this morning and 32 degrees in Townsend.  The sun will pop out later.  I noticed a bird feeder in our neighbor’s front yard when I drove by.  You don’t see those where we live.  The bears tear them down.  But now, the bears are hibernating.  So, why not have bird feeders out during the winter when they need the seed the most?  Good idea.

Little River looks great.  There is plenty of water and it is clear.  Flow is 510 cubic feet per second (cfs).  Median flow for this date is 284 cfs.  There is no rain in the forecast until Friday night.  It is going to be fairly warm this week too, even warmer this weekend.  Fishing will improve.  The water temperature at the swinging bridge was 44 degrees at 7:50 am.

If you go fishing today take plenty of split shot and extra flies.  Fish with nymphs and bounce them on the bottom.  You may see some surface action in the form of Blue Wing Olives and possibly some rising trout.  I doubt it though.  The water will warm up later this week and then you will see more trout activity.  The high temperature Saturday and Sunday will be around 60 degrees.  The low Saturday night will be in the mid 40’s.  That will really help the fishing.  It may rain this weekend.

I looked at the 10-day weather forecast which takes us near the end of January.  No snow and warm temperatures are expected.  It looks like we made it through January with no snow.  There is one month to go after January and we should be seeing the Spring hatches in the Park.  That will be a welcome sight to anglers.

Ethan, Will and Ben drove to Middle Tennessee this morning, very early to fish for musky.  They left at 6:00 am.  We talked last night after closing time.  Will and Ben were excited.  They have been having some good luck with musky and their huge fly creations.  I think Ethan has hooked two and they have had many follows.  That is enough to keep them going back.  That alone would keep me going back.  This sounds like tarpon fishing to me, especially in the early years.  Eat and jump were the words we used to describe our success until we finally started catching tarpon.  Actually, we still kept track of eats and jumps.  Ethan will be tying musky flies here a week from Saturday for a free fly tying demonstration.  He has one fly that is working.  He uses a full pack of Flashabou to tie the fly.  It has three hooks, two being articulated.

I am working on the Ross Reel section of the online catalog today.  I talked to a representative at their headquarters twice yesterday.  You may not know this but Ross, was acquired by Scientific Anglers.  Scientific Anglers is a subsidiary of Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, 3M.  Though Ross reels are still made in Colorado, their home office is in the Twin Cities.  I think they are actually located in St. Paul.  I saw their headquarters once.  I lived in Minneapolis for two months in 1973 attending a training program for a quick printing franchise that had bought.  

They are on top of things.  I have a CD with all the website tools and images to build this section of the site.  I don’t even have to take pictures.  The first phone call I made to Ross was to inquire about availability.  The answer I got was, we have everything in stock.  That was the right answer.  I called back again because I didn’t have the new logo.  Evidently I hit one wrong button on the phone.  I told the guy who answered I needed the Ross logo and he had no idea what I was talking about.  He told me he was in the 3M Traffic Control Division.  I don’t know if that was the office where the road signs are designed and sold or if I had the parking lot attendant at the 3M home office.  He was a nice guy though.  I had the right phone number right in front of me on, you guessed it, a 3M Post-It-Note. 

Ross has always been a good company to work with.  I think we have been their customer for 17 years.  But, SA is unbelievable.  They make being a dealer easy and profitable.  I know we will be putting more effort into the Ross relationship now.  And, that is what I will be doing for the next 3 days.

Have a great day yourself and thank you for being here for us.

Byron Begley
January 18, 2012

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