Townsend, Tennessee - Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  It is chilly in Townsend this morning, 32 degrees.  What happened to Spring?  I was driving up the hill on Old Cades Cove Road on my way to work earlier.  Santa Clause pulled out onto the road.  He drives slow.  I followed way behind.  After the turn onto Old Tuckaleechee, past the cemetery he pulled over to let me by.  I stopped and we chatted for a minute. I said “Hello Mr. Clause”.   He invited me to lunch at the Police Chief’s house today.  Santa is cooking and he told me what would be on the menu.  I have not seen him since the Christmas Parade, sitting in Rick’s wagon that was pulled by those beautiful mules dressed in shiny leather tack. 

Little River looks good but there is still plenty of water flowing over the rocky bottom.  Flow is 711 cubic feet per second (cfs) right now.  Median flow for this date is 343 cfs.  The highest recorded flow on this date occurred in 1975 at 3,240 cfs.  That was a year.  John Mitchell, H.R. Haldeman and John Ehrlichman were found guilty of the Watergate Cover-up.  Volkswagen introduced the Golf, Wheel of Fortune premiered and I was working my tail off running a business I started in Nashville a year earlier.  I was 24 years old in 1975. 

Fishing should be OK but watch where you wade if you are in the Park.  Big heavy nymphs, fished deep near or on the bottom will work.  You won’t catch a lot of trout this morning but the water will warm up later and fishing might improve.  Today’s high should be around 62 degrees and tomorrow we may hit the mid 60’s.  OK, Spring is back.  Rain is on the way too starting, tonight. 

Brent came by late yesterday and we talked until about 6:30.  He fished the Clinch all day on Sunday.  They only caught 3 trout.  There was one generator churning water through the dam and they were floating in a drift boat.  That is a slow day for Brent. Brent and his wife own Hart Graphics in Knoxville.  That is one fine printing company.  I should know.  I was in that business too for some 25 years. 

Charlie sent me a picture of his first Musky on a fly.  It was 42 inches long.  We were talking recently about flies.  I mentioned a website that sells nothing but musky flies.  He already knew about it.  Several of us started talking about musky fishing last Summer.  There is some good musky fishing in Tennessee.  But, fly fishermen either did not pursue them much or they did not talk about it.  It is catching on now.  In fact, Ethan McGroom will by tying his musky patterns on Saturday.  It is free.  Just come by.  He will be tying between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm.

Josh Pfeiffer will also be tying on Saturday at our winter Free Saturday Tying Demonstration.  I bet he will be tying smallmouth bass flies.  I fished with Josh a few times last year for smallies.  He is a guide and he knows how to catch those fish on a fly rod. 

Walter will be teaching an advanced fly tying class on Saturday.  Call the shop to enroll.

And on Sunday, Dave from Simms will be here to show you all the new Simms stuff.  Just come on by.  He will be in that big rolling showroom in the photo below which will be parked in our lot for two nights.

Today I am going to design and send you an e-mail about this weekend’s events and our beginner fly fishing classes which will start in March.  That will probably take about 4 hours to design and send.  This is amazing to me, someone who made a living printing advertising pieces for customers on offset printing presses to be mailed. 

Now, you just have to  design one in a computer, hit a button and it reaches thousands of people within seconds.  We pay a Boston company to manage our list and using their software and server, do the actual mailing.  The company is called Constant Contact.  The CEO is a smart woman who knows this business well. She helped write the anti-spam rules. The company is traded on the NASDAQ.  I have had a couple of questions for them and they were answered quickly with a phone call.  Service like that is rare these days.  I’m glad we picked them.

If someone doesn’t want to receive our e-mails they can simply click and Constant Contact will remove them from our list.  Conversely, if someone wants to be on our list they just type their e-mail address in the box below the Simms megavan on this page and they will be sent our e-mails.  This is called an opt-in/opt-out service.  Very few people opt-out and people opt-in almost every day, sometimes several per day.  I get an e-mail from the company giving me that activity for the past 24 hours.

Have a great day, enjoy this beautiful weather in East Tennessee and thank you for being here with us.

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