Townsend, Tennessee - Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  Clouds cover the Great Smoky Mountains this morning.  The temperature is 47 degrees and it is breezy.  The “great deluge” that was predicted yesterday did not happen.  We had .30 inches of water in our gauge this morning.  The rain is gone for a few days.  The streams in East Tennessee will drop back to near normal.

Flow in Little River is 717 cubic feet per second (cfs) right now.  It may rise before it drops.  Median flow for this date is 323 cfs.  The water temperature was a very warm (for January) 52 degrees earlier. 

Though the current is strong, the fishing will be pretty good in the Smokies.  You are going to need some weight to get your nymphs down.  If you happen to see some midges or blue wing olives hatching that might warrant a change to a dry fly.  But, I would start out with a nymph or two and stick with it.  The warm water will create an active environment in our streams.  There is no telling what will happen.  You will have to deal with high water.  It’s not that high.  This level can be great for fishing.  Just watch your step.  The current is pretty strong right now.

A cold front is moving in.  We’ll see low temperatures in the 20’s Saturday, Sunday and Monday night.  That will bring the water temperature back to normal.  Sun and fairly warm temperatures will dominate the days ahead. 

Josh Pfeiffer and Ethan McGroom will be demonstrating their tying skills and talking about their fishing adventures tomorrow.  Both of these guys spend a lot of time on the water.  Josh is a full time guide.  Ethan fishes often.  They will probably both be tying warmwater patterns.  Josh likes smallmouth bass.  Ethan is on a musky mission.  Their demonstrations are free to you.  They will be here between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm.  Just come by tomorrow (Saturday 28th).

Captain Dave Chouinard will be here Sunday January 29th.  He works for Simms.  The big motorized showroom will be here too wrapped in fly fishing themed vinyl.  Just seeing that machine is worth the trip.  He will show you all the new Simms products.  Again, this is free.  Just come on by.

David Ezell was here most of the day yesterday working on the Troutfest website.  He got a lot done.  He is very smart and has an eye for graphics.  He is doing the planning, design and the work.  I am his helper.  After three years as chairman of Troutfest, the committee has pretty much taken over all of my jobs.  I guess they think I had enough.  I am thankful for that.  I need to concentrate on our business and this relief came at a good time for me. 

I appreciate and respect all of the 20+ Troutfest Committee members.  They are a group of the most talented people you will find anywhere.  And they are working hard on this massive project. Additionally, this event would not happen without the other 125 volunteers who work during the event. If you would like to volunteer for a 4 hour shift or more, check the website and find out how to sign up online.  

Troutfest will be held May 18th – 20th.  You can visit the website by CLICKING HERE. The site is not finished.  There is still plenty to do.  Even though this site is small, it still takes about 30 hours to get it up to date.  I did that job for three years.

LOCAL GIRL DOES GOOD.  A 16 year old girl from our County won the Texaco Country Showdown Title.  The finals were held at the Grand Old Opry in Nashville last night.  She was one of 50,000 contestants.  Her name is Laurel Wright.  If you search the web you can find plenty of information and even a video of her singing.  Her monetary prize last night was $100,000.  That will be drop in the bucket compared to what is to come.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
January 27, 2012

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