Townsend, Tennessee - Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  It is cloudy and warm in Townsend, Tennesse this morning.  The temperature is 49 degrees right now.  It is quiet around town, kind of peaceful.  But yesterday looked almost like a summer day.  I walked around town for about an hour and saw lots of people doing the same thing or riding bicycles.  Traffic was heavy.  Motorcycles were thick.  And no wonder, the high temperature yesterday was 68 degrees. A lot of people were shedding their cabin fever.  I was cooking on the grill last night and saw moths flying around the porch light. 

Little River looks perfect.  The flow is right at normal this morning, 284 cubic feet per second.  Median flow for this date is 282 cfs.  The water temperature in town was 44 degrees earlier.  I have not seen that number in a while.  We may see that number rise over the next few days unless melting snow and ice in the higher elevations have an effect and it will have some effect.  But, the high temperatures this week, combined with the warm rain we are expecting may bring the temp up more.  It appears we will be on the warm side over the next 10 days, especially compared to what we have been experiencing lately. 

Fishing should be better than it has been but don’t count on seeing a lot of mayflies on the water and trout sipping them from the surface.  We are not there yet.  If fact, we don’t want to be there for a while.  In the past, when hatches started very early it turned cold again and the spring hatches at the normal time were not as thick.  We don’t want that.

If you go fishing plan on using nymphs.  You could see some blue wing olives or tiny black stoneflies and you might see a trout feed on the surface but that is not likely.  When the water temperature is 40 degrees you won’t see much bug or fish activity.  You can catch them though.

I bet a lot of people were fishing the tailwaters yesterday.  And I bet the fishing was good.  The bright sun may not have helped on the big rivers and in the Park.  You won’t have that bright sun problem this week until Thursday and Friday and it should be partly cloudy then.

Dusty McCoy used to be a customer here.  At the time he was President of Sea Ray Boats.  But he moved away to take the job as CEO of Brunswick Corporation, the largest boat manufacturer in the world.  They don’t just make pool tables, bowling balls and fitness equipment.  They make boats, boat motors and just about everyting you can think of for a boat.

I watched as their stock plummeted down to a couple of bucks during the downturn in 2008.  I listened to Dusty’s live quarterly reports online.  Also at that time I ordered a boat that is manufactured by one of the Brunswick companies, Lowe.  It took two months to get that boat made.  Dusty was trimming costs, furloughing their workforce and getting lean and mean.  I didn’t mind the wait.  I knew what was going on, I heard him talking about it.  But finally the boat came in and the dealer installed a new Mercury engine.  Mercury is also owned by Brunswick.

On Friday, Brunswick stock closed at $19.70.  They have made quite a comeback.

At home I keep the Boston Whaler boat website always saved on my browser.  Boston Whaler is a Brunswick company.  I’m dreaming about my golden years “Florida boat”. That website never has worked perfectly.  I thought about sending Dusty an e-mail several times.  Finally, I decided to ask for a printed catalog online Friday night.  I clicked on the button, filled out the information so I could have it mailed to me, then I saw the comment box.  In it I typed a short description of the problems I’m having with their website.  That was at 7:00 pm.

At 7:45 pm the phone rang.  The caller was a Boston Whaler dealer in Greenville, South Carolina, the closest dealer to Townsend.   The man I talked to was very interested in the problems I was having on the website.  He and I were both on the computer and he was having the same problems there.  He said he would contact the webmasters at BW and let them know and he would send me a catalog on Monday.  In my e-mail this morning was one from the Sales Manager at that dealership.

Now I tell you what, I like good customer service.  When I get good customer service I don’t forget.  I tell people about good customer service. I like Boston Whalers too, I’ve owned two of them and they are great boats.  So, when I’m ready to pull the trigger in a few years, I will drive to Greenville, South Carolina and see these guys.  And, I’ll buy the boat from them.  I can’t wait. I guess I can wait, I'll be older then.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
January 31, 2011 

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