Townsend, Tennessee - Great Smoky Mountains National Park
February 7, 2010

Welcome to the Fishing Report from Townsend, Tennessee.  Our town is quiet right now.  People are staying in for a while. Last night around closing time we got a light shower of sleet. There was ice on our steps at home but the roads were fine.  I checked our parking lot here and there was no ice.  It is going to be sunny today though it doesn’t look like it right now.  It is dark and gloomy outside.

Little River is running fast and full.  The flow this morning is 1,120 cubic feet per second (cfs) which breaks a 44 year record for this date.  The previous record was 1,050 cfs in 1989.  Median flow for today is 337.  So, as you can see, our streams are full.  Wading could be a risky endeavor today in most streams.

If you go fishing don’t try to wade across a river.  Stand at the shore and chunk big nymphs and streamers in the slower water.  This could be a great day to catch a large trout by fishing that way.  You may only catch one or two but they will likely be good sized trout.  Or, you may not catch anything.  But if you feel the need to go fishing that’s what I would do.  Be careful.

We were busy here yesterday.  Brian Courtney and Mike Adams were tying downstairs.  A lot of people showed up.  At one point it looked like a Saturday in May. 

I called the Park Service information line and someone answered.  I usually get a recording and choose the road closure options.  The guy who answered said their message box was full.  So he read off the roads that were closed.  I couldn’t write fast enough but I got the ones that are near us.  Highway 441 from Gatlinburg to Cherokee is closed.  Cades Cove Loop Road and Little River Road are closed.  Foothills Parkway West is going to be closed in a few minutes.  So, it’s not a good day to be driving around in the Smokies.  Some of them may open later.  You can check by calling 865-436-1200.  If you get the recording you will be prompted to the road closure report.

Next Saturday will be another good day to be at our store for our Free Fly Tying Demonstrations.  At the benches will be Buzz Buffington and David Perry.  Buzz lives in Norris and fishes the Clinch River every week, sometimes every day.  He is an excellent angler with a lot of days on the water under his belt.  He is a very good tyer too.  David lives in Middle Tennessee.  He guides on the Caney Fork and Elk Rivers.  He writes for the Little River Journal too.  His latest article about streamers was his best yet I think.  I bet he will be tying streamers and some of his articulated double hook versions.  Next Saturday will be a good day at the shop.

Jack and I are going to measure the Troutfest site this afternoon and draw it to scale in the computer.  We are doing this so we can lay out the vendors for Troutfest.  Several of them have already.  Jack and I don’t want to run out of room.  So, this will be carefully planned.  Jack takes care of the tent rentals.  Troutfest looks like a tent city when they are all erected.  The largest one is 60’ x 120’.  We will probably have a couple of 40’ x 80’ tents or even larger.  And there will be several other smaller tents.  We spend several thousand dollars that weekend for tent rental.

Troutfest has grown, especially last year.  We are planning on 400 people attending the banquet/fundraiser on Friday May 14th.  There will be several thousand people at the Fly Fishing Exposition.  If you want to buy your banquet tickets online CLICK HERE.

Or you can call the shop at 877-448-3474 to place your ticket order. 

Tonight I will watch my second football game in 12 months. Hopefully I can tie some wooly buggers between commercials.  The Super Bowl is the advertising and marketing show of the year. I try not to miss any of the commercials. 

Have a great day and night and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
February 7, 2010



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