Fishing Report from Townsend, Tennessee in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and East Tennnessee.

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  Before I walked out of the house on my way to work, I flipped off the cover on my iPad.  I clicked on the National Weather Service website.  I saw “DENSE FOG” on the monitor.  They were not kidding.  In Dry Valley, where we live you couldn’t see your hand in front of your face.  I crept to Townsend.  Here, the fog was gone.  The sun was shining.  The temperature was 36 degrees at 7:45 am.

The Smoky Mountains are blocked from my view at work by fog for now. 

Little River looks good though the flow is below normal.  Currently the flow is 221 cubic feet per second (cfs).  Median flow for this date is 317 cfs.  The water is not low.  The normal flow this time of year is high.  The water temperature was 42 degrees, up 8 degrees from a reading I took a few days ago.  It is amazing how something as simple as dipping a thermometer in the river every morning and watching the weather can predict the fishing success.  That is about all it takes around here.  We don’t have dam releases to consider in the Smokies.  There are plenty of dams with trout fisheries below them in East Tennessee.

We are in for some fishn’ weather.  The high today will be around 60 degrees.  Same tomorrow.  And, it is going to rain for 24 hours beginning tonight, a warm rain.  The water temperature in the streams of the Great Smoky Mountains and East Tennessee will warm and fishing will improve.  We are all looking forward to that.  It will cool off a little after tomorrow but the prospects for good fishing remain.

Right now, nymphs will work best.  You may see some hatches.  Watch for brown stoneflies and blue wing olives.  As the week progresses you will likely see some aquatic insects on the water and possible dry fly fishing opportunities will be available.

We have a exciting Fly Tying Demonstration schedule this weekend.  They are free, no reservation needed and they begin at 10:00 am and run until 2:00 pm.  All you have to do is show up.

On Saturday, Bill Hall and Tim Ivey will be tying.  Bill lives here.  He fishes everywhere.  He is a fun guy to be around.  I always enjoy talking to Bill.  Tim lives in Georgia.  He is a well know fly tying demonstrator.  He can tie anything.  He is on the Whiting Farms Pro Staff.  He is another fun guy to be around. 

Then on Sunday we will feature David Knapp.  Everyone in East Tennessee has heard of David Knapp.  This young man is probably the most avid fly fisherman I know.  For his age, he is certainly the most knowledgeable.  And not many older people know more about freshwater fly fishing than David.  He is an excellent tyer.  I’m the proud owner of some David Knapp patterns.  He fishes for everything from bluegill to muskie and striper.  You need to be here both days.  He will be here on Sunday, between 10 and 2. Visit his website called the Trout Zone.

The cool new gear is already arriving early.  Many are samples for me to photograph.  The real merchandise shipment will begin arriving around March 1st.  All of our pre-season orders have a ship date of March 1st.  Most companies send their goods early. 

Today I will photograph Orvis fly lines and put more Scientific Anglers lines in the Fly Line Department of the Online Store

Last night I got home and started checking for errors on the website.  On one page, all the text was bold.  I got into the HTML code and could not find the problem.  I can’t type the code on here to show you an example.  Actually this is HTML code but you don’t see the part that tells your browser what to do.   I finally found one seeming insignificant “/” that was missing at the top of the page.  I read that code several times and missed it every time. 

I am ordering about $9,000 worth of small stuff from Orvis today just in case the fishing gets really good during the next two weeks.  That order has tons of leaders and tippet spools on it.  I am ordering some fly lines too, a few rods, some reels and gadgets.  Flies will start pouring in here any day.  Fishpond will arrive in a few days.  Sage and Rio will come at any time.  Chota arrives every week all year long so there won’t be any big orders coming in.  Simms will show up.  Almost all of our manufacturers will be shipping to us over the next few days. 

Then comes the fun part, paying the bills.  Accounts Payables and Cash are a game for me.  I get to play it every week.  Sheila keeps score.  She gives me a score card every week that shows how much we owe, to whom and how much cash is in the bank.  I like to keep the cash number high and the payables number low.  When the difference is positive, we won.  If it is negative we lose.  If we pay early we get points as discounts.  They add up quickly. 

I have given this advice to many people who are starting a new company or acquiring one.  I get that opportunity often since I’m always involved with the Chamber of Commerce and our local business owners and government.  I have the opportunity to meet lots of people planning startups.  Some of you may be reading this report.  This advice is a sound and compelling as it can get and it is based on my business ownership experience since 1973. It is a very simple rule.

Before I offer this advice I get their attention.  “I want you to listen to me and listen good”. 

“When the money is gone, the game is over”.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
February 15, 2012

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