Townsend, Tennessee - Great Smoky Mountains National Park
March 1, 2010

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  The sky is clear and it is 37 degrees.  Little river is running below normal right now.  It looks great though.  The water is getting a little warmer.  The water temperature this morning is 39 degrees in town.  Townsend is quiet, there is almost no traffic on the streets.  I’m going to take a walk after I finish this. These opportunities have been rare lately.

It is time for us to scramble.  Looking at the weather forecast for this weekend and next week indicates it’s time for bringing in the gear for Spring.  We have orders waiting to be shipped.  Now, we will tell the manufacturers to ship them to us.  We know that anglers are going to be out on the streams starting this coming weekend.  So, we’ll have to be ready by Saturday.  We’ll need more flies, leaders, tippet, fly lines, floatant, reels, rods, waders and wading shoes.  It is March and the long term forecast is indicating a break in the weather here.

It has been a tough winter.  High water in the lakes caused excessive generation at the dams.  High water in the tailwaters made wade fishing nearly impossible.  Snow and ice closed Great Smoky Mountains National Park often this winter.  But it has been dry lately and I’m hoping the generation schedules will become more angler friendly.  I think they will in some of the rivers.

Get ready for the Spring hatches in the Smokies.  We’ll see Quill Gordons, Blue Quills and Blue Wing Olives first.  I don’t know when but it won’t be long unless the weather turns cold.  Have some Parachute Adams dry flies in all sizes and Pheasant Tails.   

We will begin to see more activity in town and in the Park due to the Spring break in grade schools, high schools and colleges.  Michigan and Wisconsin seem to be the first every year.  Instead of going to Florida, a lot of the young people from those states take fly fishing trips here where the water is warmer and the trout are more active than they are at their home.  Some of them will start showing up next week.  Thankfully, the weather will be more suitable for fishing than it has been.

We do have to get through another snow event tomorrow and tomorrow night.  Then maybe winter will be over.  I hope so.

As the water warms the smallmouth bass will return to shallow water and prepare to spawn.  I’m looking forward to that too.  Tennessee is the smallmouth bass state.  We are known for our smallmouth fishing.  I love fishing for these guys in the rivers and the lakes.  My smallmouth bass flies are tied, boxed and ready to go.  So am I.

Don’t forget to buy your new fishing license.  Our resident licenses expired today.  I’m getting the Sportsman License since I plan to hunt big game again this year.

Are there any turkey hunters out there?  Of course there are.  Our season opens here in about a month and it opens in Kentucky on April 17th.  I will probably hunt in both states.  Since we have gobblers on our property, I can hunt before work.  And that is my plan.  You may see me wearing camo at the shop some days this Spring.  The fishing report will probably be late on those days, especially if I get one.

Good times are ahead.  This is an exciting time of year.  It’s been a long time coming or it seems that way.   

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
March 1, 2010

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