Townsend, Tennessee - Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Welcome to the Fishing Report from Townsend, Tennessee.  It is a beautiful morning in the Great Smoky Mountains.  The sky is blue and the temperature is 41 degrees.  The high temperature today is supposed to be 66 degrees.  The high yesterday was 64.

Fishing is going to get really good.  It will be excellent this week.  The moon is full.  That can be one negative if that’s what you believe.  I believe fish feed more on clear nights with a full moon.  I can’t prove it, but I think that makes fishing slower during the day.  It won’t matter that much.  The water temperature will be the driving force over the next 10 days.  So, get ready for the action. 

I talked to several people who were going fishing yesterday but I didn’t talk to any who returned.  My guess is they did OK.  Today will be better and tomorrow will be better than today. 

Dry flies will work well.  Try Quill Gordon imitations, Blue Quill dries, Elk Hair Caddis, a Parachute Adams or a Yellow Stimulator.  The Stimulator may not look like any aquatic insects you see on the water but I bet it works.  Try one with rubber legs.

Nymphs should work as well.  I would choose a Quill Gordon wet fly and drag that behind a dry.

Fishing will pick up on the lakes too.  You should find smallmouth bass in 5 to 15 feet of water on rocky banks.  That’s what I’m hearing and I plan to find out next week. 

We have a lot of new bass flies from Rainy’s coming, probably today.  We got the invoice from them yesterday.  I can’t wait to see these flies.  Except for Stealth Bombers, everything else is new to us. 

Yesterday I set up a new category in our Online Store called Rod Reel and Line Outfits.  I will be building that category over the next few days.  I got one outfit on there yesterday, the New Orvis Clearwater.  This is a heck of a outfit for $295.  Look at it.  It’s really good looking.  The new Orvis Clearwater Reel costs $79 and I’ll put it up against any reel costing under $100.  It is cast aluminum, not machined but its hard to tell the difference.  It is made in the Far East in Orvis’ own factory.  The rod is made in China too, hence the low price.  But this outfit is really nice.

I’m going up to Kathy’s Grace Hill Bed and Breakfast this morning.  We are going to watch a Webinar about Search Engine Optimization for two hours.  She and I share the hobby of website development.  I’m looking forward to this.  Her Inn is way up on a mountain that I can see from my office here.  That place is beautiful. 

Chad Rochelle bought the domain names “foothillsparkway” and “thefoothillsparkway” on behalf of the Townsend/Walland Business Alliance.  We are going to develop a website highlighting this magnificent road.  A new section of the Parkway is under construction.  I can see it from here.  The views of Townsend from up there are incredible.  That section should be finished by 2016.  It will become Townsend’s newest and most coveted attraction in addition to Little River, Cades Cove and the Park.  I hope to work on that website.

I resigned from the Planning Commission yesterday due to a conflict of interest.  The problem is, I work 6 days a week and often 7 days a week.  I want to be at the shop on weekends.  So, my options to take a day off are Monday through Thursday.  The planning commission meets on Thursday night.  So, I have to work my fishing day around that meeting one week each month.  Since I fish from a boat much of the time I also have to work around the weather.  Often the meetings are cancelled at the last minute.  Two out of three meetings this year so far were cancelled. 

I don’t feel bad about resigning at all.  I agreed to serve for one year as a temporary and served 3 or 4 years or something in between.  I lost count.  I’m not getting any younger and going fishing once a week is what I’m going to do.

I am really going to miss working with the people. 

Hey, starting next week we will get an extra hour after work to go fishing.  I’m pumped about that.  Little River is going to be perfect for fishing next week and I will be there often in the evenings.  I feel like a kid at Christmas.  Excellent fishing conditions are here.  And I’m going to be out there enjoying every minute that I can.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
March 7, 2012 

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