Townsend, Tennessee - Great Smoky Mountains National Park
March 14, 2010

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  It is cloudy and cool in Townsend this morning.  Flocks of robins flew out of our parking lot when I pulled in.  They must have been there eating the earthworms that get on our lot somehow when it rains.  Our lot is completely surrounded by curbs except for the entrance and water from the building and parking lot run into three catch basins and out into our retention pond.  So, where do the worms come from?  They have to crawl over the curbs.

Little River looked great this morning.  The water is clear and it was cooler, 44 degrees.  The flow is currently 658 cubic feet per second (cfs).  Median flow on this date based on 44 years of data is 319 cfs.  So we have twice as much water as normal.  Be very careful when wading.

The air temperature is cool too, 43 degrees right now. And it’s going to be cool at night for a few days.  Expect lows in the high 30’s and highs in the 40’s for a couple of days then that will climb into the mid 50’s.  It’s going to rain today and tonight with some snow mixed in, maybe.  Snow?  It won’t stick down here.  It will up high.

With water conditions the way they are you still have a few choices.  If I were fishing today I would plop big streamers into the eddys and slower water.  I would use heavy weight to get them down or tie then with a lot of lead free wire to get deep.  Today will be perfect for that.  This would be an excellent day to catch some big trout. 

Finding good dry fly water may take some scouting around.  The water is high and a little cooler than it has been.  I think I would go for the big guys with the heavy stuff.  You might find a good generation schedule on one of our many tailwaters.  They are fishing well.

It won’t be long before the smallmouth bass move into the riffles.  In some river they may have.  I’m ready for those guys with an arsenal of buggers, streamers and poppers.  All we need is a warm-up and get ready. 

I don’t know if any of you have experience with non-skid surface application on an aluminum boat but if you do please let me know.  Our boat gets slick when wet.   If you are not wearing the right kind of shoes you can fall.  I looked at Tuff Coat, which is sold by Cabelas and Bass Pro.  I shied away from that idea at first.  I didn’t want to mess up our boat.   I called one of the companies that spray bed liners in pickup trucks. I told them I needed a light coat on about 80 square feet.  I almost fell over when they gave me a price of $900.  Then I contacted the Tuff Coat manufacturer and started an e-mail dialog with their expert "help guy". 

Now I feel much better about using their product and at a fraction of the cost.  They sell a special roller that is capable of picking up the ground rubber which is in the product.  They are all 8” long.  I need smaller rollers.  I asked the tech guy if they sold smaller rollers.  After I pushed the button to send the e-mail it dawned on me I could cut the 8” roller in half and have two 4” rollers.  I got a response from him.  He told me to cut an 8” roller in half.

Our website traffic is running right at 10% above last year.  I kept noticing that we were getting over 600 people reading the fishing report on the weekends, which is high.  More than that read this report on weekdays.  We seem to always have over 3,000 unique visitors every day this year.  You will only be counted once in a 24-hour period even if you visit several times during the day. 

Last year we had 1,055,323 visitors who viewed 16,269,365 pages.  We are talking about millions of page views.  I’m still stunned by this.  Of course that is good for our business and Troutfest.  I really liked what it did for Troutfest last year.  There is no telling how many people know about that event.  Several thousand more people will read about Troutfest today when the Little River Journal, our e-newsletter goes out.  Troutfest will be prominently displayed right at the top of the page.  We’re going to pull the trigger in a little while.

The Troutfest Banquet is exactly two months from today.  The Fly Fishing Exhibition starts two months from tomorrow.  You can click on the image below to visit the Troutfest website.  Better get your banquet tickets and reserve a room.

Don’t you just love this time change.  I do except for the fact I over-slept this morning.  I was driving to work late and Daniel passed me.  I guess he did the same thing.  We did open on time, barely. 

I’m thinking about the benefits of daylight savings time.  I can go fishing after work.  I can run home, put on some camo and go wild boar hunting.  In about two weeks I can run home, put on some camo and go turkey hunting. 

I guess I could take a shotgun and a rifle and do both at the same time.  Imagine carrying a 12 gauge and a 45/70 to go hunting.  I kind of like that idea. I guess that’s legal.  I could also take a .357 magnum pistol in case I get a real close shot (ten feet away) on a boar. Wouldn’t it be fun to just sit in a blind and think about all of those options?      

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
March 14, 2010

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