Townsend, Tennessee - Fly Fishing in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, East Tennessee and Western North Carolina

Welcome to the Fishing Report from the Great Smoky Mountains and good Sunday morning to you.  It is raining and 43 degrees out there at 7:45 am.  I came to work at daybreak so I could not see Little River well.  The water has barely risen.  I think it is clear.

We are open today and every Sunday from 9 until 5.  Come on over.

Flow right now is 237 cubic feet per second (cfs) or 1.94 feet on the gauge.  Little River is rising slowly right now.  Median flow for this date is 405 cfs.  The water temperature is dropping.  Right now the water temperature is 49 degrees.

The high temperature today is predicted to be 52 degrees.  Tonight’s low should be in the high 20’s.  It is going to be cold for a few days, more rain is coming Tuesday and we may see some snow flurries.  Wow, what a change.

It should be warm again by the weekend.

The rain today will taper off this afternoon.  I can’t begin to guess what the fishing in the Smokies will be like today.  Fishing could be good or it could be slow.  I suspect, with the cloud cover there’s a chance fishing may be good.  It’s hard to tell.  If you go, nymphs will probably work best during the periods of rain.  When it stops, you may see quills or blue wing olives. 

We were busy yesterday.  Anglers were out enjoying the beautiful weather.  Fishing was good, as we would expect.  Though it was sunny early, clouds moved in creating perfect fishing conditions.  We may see fishing slow down a little until next weekend.  The water temperatures will drop.

I’m hearing good reports from smallmouth bass anglers.  Smallies on some lakes are moving into shallower water, 5 to 8 feet deep.  That is a pre-spawn move.  All lakes have different temperatures and that drives the smallmouth behavior before the spawn.  It’s going to be a while before they actually move into the spawning areas but at least they are moving in that direction.

Paula and I were sitting on our upstairs deck late yesterday.  It was still daylight.  This deck is 25 feet from the ground, so we sit right in the trees.  Now, with the leaves gone, we can see the mountains on our side of Cades Cove.  It was so peaceful up there last night.  When the trees have leaves, that’s all we see.  It’s kind of like a tree house up there.

I had a crew cut 33 trees around our house last month.  They were pines that had the potential to fall on the house or a car, (or worse, a boat in the Spring) and they were getting big. We have so many trees we don’t even notice they are gone. 

Looking out my office right now, the tall mountains are fogged in and it is still raining.  I’m going to sit in here all day and work on our new website.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
March 23, 2014

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