Townsend, Tennessee - Great Smoky Mountains National Park
March 24, 2010

Welcome to the Fishing Report.  The sun is shining again.  It was 37 degrees when I drove to work but the temperature will climb to over 70 degrees today.  The grass is turning green at the shop.  It was fertilized a week or so ago.  A few species of trees are show their new leaves.  Some flowers are blooming.  I looked this morning and the redbud trees in front of our store have not started blooming yet.  It’s a matter of days.

Warm spring-like weather is in our 10 day future.  We’ll see highs in the 50’s to 60’s and lows in the 40’s.  There is some rain in the forecast.

Little River is looking good.  It’s a little higher than normal.  Today the flow is 430 cubic feet per second (cfs).  Median flow for this date is 381 cfs.  The water temperature in town is 44 degrees.  That will change today.  By tomorrow morning it will be warmer.

Fishing will improve now, today.  The high water and cooler temperatures caused some problems to anglers hoping to fish with dry flies.  It probably helped those fishing with streamers.  We will see much improvement in the dry fly fishing now that the temperatures are warming.

Have some Quill Gordon, Blue Quill, Blue Wing Olive, Adams, Parachute Adams and other dark gray mayfly imitations in your box.  If the trout are not taking your dry, drop a nymph or Quill Gordon wet fly off your dry.  That should work.

Little River road between Townsend and Metcalf Bottoms is open again.  It was closed for a few days due to a rock slide.  The Park Service moved fast on this problem.  There were some huge boulders in the road that had to be broken up into smaller rocks and hauled away.  Everyone will be glad to see this stretch of road open again.  Cades Cove Loop Road and Smokemont Campground are closed.  Both are being renovated.  Cades Cove should open in mid May.  The campground is open now.

Smallmouth bass are moving into shallower water in the lakes according to several people I know.  I won’t find out first hand until next week.  I’m looking forward to that.  On my list is to change the oil in our boat motor, change the lower unit lubricant and give it some new spark plugs.  Most of our Spring smallmouth flies are tied.  I finished tying black wooly buggers last night.  Tonight I’ll switch to white.  I should have enough to last most of the year. 

I was reading the Wall Street Journal this morning while eating my yogurt and bran flakes breakfast.  I also read several articles last night.  I can’t get over the markets.  The Dow is up 40% in the past year.  It closed yesterday at an 18 month high. I hope I don’t jinx things by talking about it.

Read the article “Durable-Goods Orders Climb”.  There you will find a lot of signs of economic recovery that are driving the markets and investors.

“Durable-goods orders rose a third straight month in February, while a sign of capital spending climbed, indicating U.S. business have confidence in the economic recovery.”   “If not for the defense sector, durables would have gone up much higher.  Defense-related capital goods orders fell 4.5%.  Excluding defense, all other durables goods rose 1.6% in February after climbing 1.7% in January.”

What about General Motors?  “According to the Journal they are on track to produce 75% more vehicles in the fist quarter in North America than a year ago.”  The company is paying back loans to the U.S Government which is eating up cash.  But the CFO, Chris Liddell said the company has a reasonable chance of becoming profitable in 2010, and a “remarkably strong” balance sheet.”  When the Government is paid off and sells their shares, I’ll be one of the first to buy.  Remember when the Government bailed out Chrysler.  I think Jimmy Carter was President.  Lee Iacocca was the CEO and that company had a great run. They paid back the Government guaranteed loans and became profitable.

One thing to remember about General Motors, they filed bankruptcy so their balance sheet should look good without those liabilities that appeared before.

Home construction is very slow.  We all know that.  That sector will take a while to recover. 

If you look you will find many facts that indicate we are emerging from the recession.  I know I’ll get e-mails from skeptics.  I do every time I mention “Improvement in our Country’s economy”.  But I like to read good news and pass it on.

The fishing is getting better too!

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
March 24, 2010

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