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Welcome to the Fly Fishing Report.  It is 31 degrees, frosty and sunny in Townsend this morning.  The frost is not light.  It is heavy.  On Sunday, the high is expected to be over 80 degrees.  Traffic is light but I got here early. 

Little River is flowing right at normal this morning.  Flow is 331 cubic feet per second (cfs).  Median flow for this date is 317 cfs.  The water is crystal clear and the water temperature is a chilly 47 degrees at 7:35 am.  Yesterday the water temperature rose to 52.5 degrees.  There have been several mornings this year, when the early morning water temperature was above 60 degrees. 

At that time, a week ago, fishing was great everywhere.  It was good in the Smokies, in the lowland rivers and on the lakes.  Fishing is still pretty good in the Smoky Mountains.  Josh had some clients on Little River yesterday and saw a huge sulphur hatch.  Trout were rising and his clients were catching trout.  That should continue and even get better.  The warmer temperatures expected over the weekend will have a very positive effect on the fishing.

I guess I would use a Light Cahill dry fly if I saw what Josh did yesterday.  Also, there have been some hatches of Yellow Sally Stoneflies.  So, I would have some of those in my fly box.  A Neversink Caddis is an excellent imitation that works here during a Yellow Sally hatch.  Always have a Parachute Adams or two.  They are working well.  You might still see some March Browns on the water.  There is not telling what you will see.  And when conditions are like this, trout will take just about anything that is presented well.  Stay hidden, keep your body low, don’t splash your fly line where the trout are and get a good drift.  You might want to use 5X tippet too.

I would start the morning fishing with nymphs.  Dry fly action will probably be best in the afternoon. 

My guess is the lakes and lowland rivers will be fishing better this weekend and next week.  I just printed out the 10 day forecast so I can pick a fishing day.  The warmwater fish should be hitting on top again.  Maybe they still are.  It’s been a week since I went fishing.

Today I’m going to our hunting cabin with 5 of my best friends. Jack won’t be there or I would be with 6 of my best friends.  We have stuck together for decades, two of my buddies go back 55 and 57 years.  Two of the others I have only known about 48 to 50 years.  And one I’ve only known for a short time, 18 years. We have been friends for a long time.  Mostly, we hunt and fish together.  We laugh constantly.  Stories are re-told again and again. A lot of questions begin with "remember when".  

We won’t all be hunting.  I plan on sleeping in, something I have not done in several months.  I am not going to be in the woods at daybreak, sitting for hours when some of my friends are at the cabin having a bloody mary.  I will be with them.  The wood stove and fire pit will be burning most of the time.  I’m fairly sure a turkey or two will be shot.  We will eat well.  I will wash the dishes and fry the eggs.  I don’t do much cooking.  I leave that to the camp cooks. 

Daniel and Paula will be writing this fishing report.  I would expect we will be busy at the shop.  We have been very busy here.

I won’t be able to read the Wall Street Journal and New York Times every morning.  The cabin does not have electricity, much less an internet connection.  My phone does not work there either. 

We do have hot water, two showers, a bank of batteries for lighting and propane.  One wood stove heats the cabin.

So I have a great 4 days to look forward to.  I hope you do too.  You are going to have a beautiful weekend to do some fly fishing. 

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.  I doubt of the lake level information will be updated while I am gone so check with TVA about that. I did update it this morning.

Byron Begley
April 12, 2012


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