Townsend, Tennessee - Fly Fishing in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, East Tennessee and Western North Carolina

Welcome to the Fly Fishing Report.  I am writing the Fishing Report on Thursday afternoon as I will be off tomorrow. As a result some of the statistical data won't be updated.

Despite cold over night temperatures and cooler water temps, fishing has been good in the Smokies. There is no need to be out on the river at first light this time of year. Let the water have a chance to warm a bit before giving it a go. Water levels are excellent. At 2.18 feet or 323 cfs it is almost exactly normal for this time of year. The rivers are flowing very clear so you will have a use stealth.

Excellent reports have been coming in from anglers who have been fishing Abrams Creek. This weekend is supposed to be absolutely beautiful with warm Spring-time temps and sunny skies. That will likely cause it to be a long slow journey to Abrams Creek. I'd save it for Sunday morning or better...a week day.
Little River and Middle Prong continue to be their old reliable selves. If you try for brookies in the higher elevations bring a warm fleece and maybe some gloves.

There is a wide variety of different insects hatching in the Smokies right now. Anglers are seeing everything from small mayflies all the way up to large. It is still REALLY early in the season but the Yellow Sallies have already started to hatch in some areas. Parachute Adams #12-#16; Elk Hair Caddis Yellow, Tan, Brown #14-#16; Light Cahill #10-#14; Sulphurs #16-#18, March Browns #12-#14; Yellow Stimulators #14; Neversinks Caddis Yellow #16; also attractor patterns such as Wulffs and Humpies have been doing well.
Nymph patterns such as BH Prince #12-#16; BH Tellico #12-#16; BH Pheasant Tail #12-#16; Copper John #14-#16; have all been good.

New items continue to arrive. We have some felt soled boots from Simms. These are the same great boots they have been making for the last several years but with felt once again. I still think felt gives the best traction. To get that traction though you have to be willing to give a bit more commitment to keeping them clean as not to spread invasive species. Be sure to clean dirt and debris off them before changing watersheds. A good option if you fish the tailwaters and the mountains is to invest in a less expensive model of boot and buy one which you only use on the tailwaters and have another dedicated to the mountain streams.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Daniel Drake
April 13, 2012


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