Townsend, Tennessee - Fly Fishing in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, East Tennessee and Western North Carolina

Welcome to the Fishing Report from the Great Smoky Mountains.  It is Sunday morning and what a beautiful one it is in Townsend.  More leaves on the trees have sprouted.  The dogwoods and redbuds are in full bloom.  The may apples are growing tall.  This is my time of year.  I love it.

Little River is in great shape.  Flow this morning is 331 cubic feet per second (cfs) or 2.19 feet on the flow gauge.  That is perfect for fishing.  The water temperature at 7:40 am is 56 degrees.  That is also perfect.  Yesterday, the water temperature peaked at 60 degrees at the Townsend “Y”.  You can’t ask for better fishing conditions.

It is going to be windy today.  I don’t know when that will start.  Right now, the wind is calm.

Customers are coming in and saying there are many different aquatic insects on the water.  There are so many, it’s hard to determine which dry fly pattern to use.  Yellow Sally Stoneflies are even flying around though not in big numbers. 

I would just use a common Spring pattern if you are dry fly fishing.  A Parachute Adams looks like a lot of different insects.  A Neversink Caddis is a good searching pattern.  I think the diversity is so wide, tthe trout don’t care.  They are hungry.  Their metabolism is in high gear.  More important than pattern right now is presentation.  Don’t scare the trout and get a good drift.  Nymphs will work well too, maybe better than dry flies. Try a dry and a dropper.

It is going to be very warm today.  Tomorrow will be fairly warm too.  Then, it is going to become colder along with rain tomorrow and Tuesday.  Frank and I plan to fish for smallmouth bass Tuesday and Wednesday on one of the lakes.  I don’t know.  This change in the weather might slow down the lake fishing.  The water temperatures have been cool anyway.  We’re supposed to get frost again Tuesday night.  We may not go.  We would be in the boat all day Tuesday in the rain.  But, if he is up for it, I am too.  We’ll decide today.

I’m seeing more great pictures from customers fishing the Holston River.  Those trout are fat and big.  The guides I know are working that river hard and their clients are experiencing some awesome fishing.

I bet lower Little River is fishing well for smallmouth bass.  I wish I could go.  Today is my bookkeeping day.  Today will be payroll, payroll tax deposit, enter bills in the computer and pay those that are due.  That’s how I spend my Sundays.  I’ll probably work on the new website later today.

I’m building a new Fishpond site.  I looked in our computer to get some numbers.  We became a dealer in 2001 and started selling in 2002.  Since then, we have sold 5,359 items through about two weeks ago.  That equals several hundred thousand dollars. 

I have been writing about Fishpond since February.  Finally, I asked Daniel the question, “Since we started selling Fishpond products, what’s your best guess on how many items were returned as defective?”  His best guess was 20 items.  And some of those were just plain worn out.  We probably got 20 items back in 12+ years. 

Those numbers plainly indicate how well Fishpond products are made.  People buy them and they love them.  Fishpond products are made to last.  They are durable.  They look good too.

I remember meeting Dave Thompson and John Le Coq, the Fishpond founders in 2001.  They had big plans but started small.  They built the company into something fairly large and very successful.  Dave sold is half of the company to brothers Ben and Will Kurtz about three years ago.  Fishpond moved their shipping and accounting to Colorado where John and the Kurtz brothers live.  All of that was done in Kansas where Dave and his wife Cindy live.

The new website should launch in two weeks.

Have a great day and thank you for being here with us.

Byron Begley
April 13, 2014

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